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Wine to go with Chilli con Carne


We like having family meals planned for the weekends since our kids are 9 & 12 so they still often end up having their own meals during the week.

This week we chose to make a chilli because I discovered an AMAZING website with all sorts of authentic ingredients from Mexico, including 100% maize tortillas (and therefore also gluten free!).

At the very last minute I realised that I had not thought about the wine to match. :scream:

I know many would suggest beer, but I’m not a beer drinker and nor is my wife, so we wanted something that would work.

I briefly considered a sparkling Loire crémant I have chilled, but I wanted a red wine, so I popped up to the local co-op, who happen to have a very commendable range these days, and bought a bottle of Casillero del Diablo Carmenere. It actually worked very well - the fruity, round body and slightly tomato-leaf character of the Carmenere grape blending well with the spicy meal.

I think we will repeat it soon (as the kids loved it and I bought two packs of the tortillas) so next time I need to be prepared. What wine would you serve with a mildly-spiced chilli meal like this?

"Vegan Chilli" : Vegan bean pot

Carmenere is a really good choice. I’d generally look at Chilean reds to go with chilli, but the best match I found was this:

Plenty of spice, some sweetness, hints of chocolate - worked really well!


What about something like a Zin?


that sounds ideal and the price is pretty good too - thanks @Bargainbob

@M1tch yes, though I recently had a Zin that would not have gone at all well with it, so needs to be the right Zinfandel as well. I also don’t want to spend loads of money on it - I can’t see me getting value out of a high priced wine when matched with messy finger-food



Awesome thanks for the site. I make my own corn tortillas - it’s the best way. We had a taco night last night (fish tacos if you must ask) and I’m running low on the Masa Harina I brought back from Texas a couple years ago. They stock it. Fab.

Related more to the weekend drinking thread, my gf is feeling last night’s margaritas today! :confused:


Seriously Robert, you were so strapped for wine that you had to nip down to the coop? Either you have a seriously good cellar and can’t bear to open a good wine with chilli or (the shame of it as an employee of TWS) you didn’t have any wine in the house :scream: I don’t belieeeeve it!


Ha! I love in South East London, so can’t exactly “pop into the showroom (or warehouses)”. I’ve a reasonable amount of white wines, but almost no “fruity, easy drinking, fuller bodied” reds around. My local co-op had been refurbished and they’ve done a decent job on the wine aisle for “emergency” purchases :slight_smile:


Well firstly I think you’re spot on with the Chilean carmenere shout - sounds perfect!

How about this:

It’s really rich and smooth which I think works well with the flavours/slight heat of chilli, and it has a lick of chocolate about it too which would work really nicely, I reckon. Especially if you add dark chocolate to your chilli like I do! :smile:


I recently made a slow cooker brisket chilli. Quite spicy and this worked great with it ! The Sorbana had enough body and tannin to stand up to the Chilli ! It was great :+1:


interesting packaging, but can’t quite work out what that wine is - do you have more details?


Oops wasn’t a very good picture

A decent “bigger” Lambrusco


Hi Leah, glad to see someone else likes Lambrusco. I started with the Society’s Rinaldi, but have since sourced others from Tannico who list 39 of them. https://www.tannico.co.uk/red/lambrusco.html
Not yet tried with chilli.


Wow @Kent_wino , that’s a lot. I’ve also tried the Rinaldi but much preferred the Sorbana . If you do try it , don’t be fooled by its light colour . It has a decent body . Cleto Chiarli also do a Pruno Nero . A lighter bodied, rich in colour but fruitier version

I’m going to have a look at Tannico now, thanks for the tip :+1:


Oak. And plenty of it, seems to work for me - TWS Chilean cab sauvginon hits the mark (amazing value for money) if it’s a light’n’bright chilli loaded with green capsicum, spice / hot chilli / cheese, everything else you have found in the fridge. Traditional (oaky) Rioja if it’s a slow cooked rich chocolatey chilli with simple rice n beans.


Hey Robert, if you fancy something a bit out of the box, my other half and I like to chop a ripe mango into our spicy chilli con carne. It brings out the fruitiness and then pairing it with something like the Heumann Kekfrankos Res. is a perfect match - Heumann is also a bit of a talking point in our house at the moment after we fell in love with their Lagona (Bdx style blend). Give it a try, if not this weekend, in future!

Heumann Kekfrankos


@BenFranksWine surely that’s like putting pineapple on a pizza ??? He’ll either love it or probably quite hate it :joy::woman_shrugging:


@Leah Aha, we eat chilli a lot as my better half is a vegetarian and it’s an easy meal. We like to add quite a bit of chilli for heat, so we do it three ways: classic spicy with black beans; fruity and spicy with mango; or rich and spicy with a few cubes of dark chocolate! :smile:


I love a bit of hit and spicy chilli (& curry for that matter!) di you ever put cumin in ? I find it kicks up the chilli flavour not just the heat and I live to use brisket . That aside, I have the mixed Hungarian case in my basket with the https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=HU1011
So on your recommendation will be trying it with my next hot chilli :hot_pepper:! Cheers


That is some calling in life :wink:


:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:!! This is what happens when I type on an iPhone :iphone: :blush::gun: