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Wine to EU Post Brexit

Pre-Brexit I would regularly ship wine, via a freight handler, from my UK merchants to restock my cellar in Spain. Post Brexit the cost and complications related to this process make this too much hassle/expensive.

I am contemplating carrying UK duty and tax paid wine in my hold luggage on the return leg whenever I visit the UK.

Is there a reliable source of information which specifies the volume of wines which one is permitted to carry duty and tax paid into Spain?


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I can’t answer your question but I wonder why you don’t just buy in Spain from, for example, Decantalo or Gourmet Hunters?


I do use retailers in Spain, however I have a significant quantity of wine, stored in members reserves, with WS and other merchants in the UK, which I have been restocking with as and when required.

Might be the info you are looking for here

Appears to be 4L of still wine.

Thanks very much for the info Mr Alan. That’s what I had feared. Wasn’t sure if that was just for tax and duty free.