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Wine-themed Christmas decorations



I’m rapidly approaching our annual Friendsmas where some of our closest (mostly wine-loving) friends come over for a pre-Christmas fake ‘Christmas Day’ with turkey and the trimmings, crackers, silly games and all that nonsense. It’s almost better than the real thing…

I like to try and have some wine-related table decorations, and I’ve done stuff like this before:

But I’m looking for some new suggestions! (Mainly because last year someone almost set themselves on fire…too much bubbly before dinner!) Has anyone done anything like this? :smiley:


So you select your friends on their wine loving qualities @laura?? As good a reason as any I say :joy:! I posted on another thread about what to do with left over corks and this is a masterpiece from a friend who works for a trade supplier … Christmas crafting goals?? Maybe with some glitter :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::+1:

Btw… I love the upturned glasses ! Great idea :wink:


@Leah I love the cork Christmas tree (especially with glitter…)!!! Only problem is I don’t have many corks lying around, and Friendsmas is a week away… better get opening a few bottles! :joy:


DO IT :joy::joy::joy:! It’s Christmas after all !


I honestly don’t have anything helpful to add (not the first time today I’ve had to say that :thinking: ) but thought I’d share anyway. It’s my first Christmas in my own place and so couldn’t believe my luck when I came across these wine-y Christmas decs, love them!



Your colleague Catherine posted this on the 'You know You’re Obsessed…" thread

Also seriosly considering buying some of these for the fancy bottles I don’t want to recycle!

I bought some as presents and then bought more for myself. I’m gifting them with a bottle of Freixenet Prosecco as I reckon the cut glass facets of this attractive bottle will make the lights really sparkle .
freixenet prosecco

(sorry, wine not listed by TWS. £12 reduced to £9 at Waitrose, also in Sainsbury)


@peterm. Thanks for Sharing this…My sister-in-law loves any kind of Prosecco so I’ve bought her a tongue in cheek Prosecco door mat and one of those wooden bath things with a place for an iPad, glass and btl … she also loves a bit of bling so this will complete her Chrimbo present :clinking_glasses::+1::+1:


Well, the lights in bottle make a splendid decoration…unfortunately the wine is not pleasant.


Does it count as a semi decoration ? :rofl::christmas_tree:! I should probably string them together :wink:!


Surely this isn’t a problem? Don’t they have hundreds in the tasting room?!