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Wine tasting outside Lisbon/Setubal


Can anyone recommend a vineyard between Setubal/Lisbon/Sesimbra where you can stop for a short tasting (and possible tour)?

It’s very late notice but we have a speared day tomorrow.

Thanks in advance!


Quinta de Alcube

It was 2013 I visited so things may have changed (and I know more about wine now than I did then) but I was super impressed with the wines, the host friendly and the prices very reasonable.

Prices for retail bottles I meant, tasting was free I think!


If you like fortified wine you could do the tour of José Maria da Fonseca too but I found the whole experience very touristy and generic rather than a wine geek tour. They did have a vast array of bottles open in the tasting room (on enomatic and not free IIRC).