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Wine Tasting Group ideas


I am October’s host for my wine tasting group, we are not completely new and not very expert either. We usually theme a session (so sparklers, Cabernet Sauvignon, rose, summer drinking, Alsace, New World etc etc have been done). I am thinking about TWS promotion of new Portugese wines. What do you think? Any other good ideas?


If looking at regions and something a little different then you could do worse than Lebanon. Quite a few available on TWS.


Interesting - will look at that.


Equally, Portuguese wines would definitely be a good choice - they are such good value for money, and due to a plethora of native, little known varieties, often offer something a little unusual. Here a few good examples:

Hope it goes well, whichever theme you choose :+1::blush:


@Taffy-on-Tour mentioned the “similar wines with great differences in price” game, blind tasted. Always good for assumption busting.


A slight variation is to show the basic and premium versions of a wine from the same producer. I actually found it quite easy to identify the premium wine when done like that. But that does not necessarily mean I prefer it.

One of the most popular themes I have encountered for a tasting group is Valpolicella. There is a nice hierarchy from basic supermarket plonk, through good quality straight valpol classico, and ripasso, to amarone. When the wines are shown tegether, they are reassuringly easy to understand, and also easy to like I think.

Incidentally, since we did that tasting I think a lot more amarone is made, at the expense of quality. So maybe the quality leap from ripasso is not so great now.


You could also try something a bit different like “Island Wines” . The obvious big ones are New Zealand and Tasmania but then you have the opportunity to include Greek Island wines e.g.: Santorini but also Canaries, Sardinia, Corsica to name a bit few etc…
my other suggestion would be Eastern European wines :+1:.


It looks like you have some great ideas already. If you haven’t done it before, I strongly suggest Germany as a theme. There may be too much to choose from but if you combine it with food you can have all levels of sweetness with red thrown in as well. This can be as sophisticated as you want and for those who are dubious about German wine this can scotch that apprehension.


I’m dong the same at the start of November - having attended the local 41 Club wine tasting events for a few years (as a guest)I’ve been asked to host :astonished: previously these have been hosted by a local vintner

5 wines - Apero, white, red, sweet, port is current thinking…one of the wines is served blind as a competition; guess (or closest to) the grape, country, region, vintage & price

Ive no idea what the main course is…hence a white and a red … but I do know its followed by cheese and biscuits so thinking a port and a sweet - will use the sweet instead of a pudding!

I like @Inbar suggestion of Portugese wines . Was also thinking of “lesser known” (either grape or country) and “its not what you think” (grapes/styles that aren’t normally associated with the region)

Any ideas/suggestions gratefully received


I run informal tastings in my flat in Glasgow. Each one is themed, usually according to specific region, and I get in cheeses to suit (same region if possible) from La Fromagerie in Marylebone. One departure from the pattern though is the December tasting with live jazz , “The Days of Wine and Cheeses”. It’s (even) less formal and a lot busier, still themed but great to sit around listening to superb playing sipping and tapping the feet. :smile: