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Wine tasting/experience in paris


Hi all

Please does anyone have any tips or suggestions for good wine bars, merchants or tasting sessions in paris? It has to be something for a couple hours max as we’re not there for too long so tours out to champagne are out unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!


La Buvette in the 11th is good if you like natural wine and simple small plates. Very Parisien, and très du moment.


Thanks! I’ve just discovered what a cave a manger is so i shall be researching this rather than pursuing an organised tasting.

What’s the equivalent of TWS france @robert_mcintosh? (Or are you vying for this position :wink:)


I’ll be in Paris on Sunday so will keep an eye on this. Le baron rouge is a cool little local wine bar I’d throw into the mix.


Ooooo yes i saw this they all look excellent and properly good value! Such a shame that equivalent in the uk would be eyewateringly priced!

Hope you have fun!


I’m not sure - not sure I know of any such organisation anywhere if I’m honest. I do know that there are plenty of wine clubs run as ‘expert selections’ but that is another story.

I do know some folks in Paris I could ask if you want, but depends on what time you have as you can easily waste most of your available time just getting around if you are not careful, so it should be local.


Ha thanks! It does seem like French ‘Cave a mangers’ are like the craft ale phenomenon here.

Yes, definitely local and you can (almost) guarantee getting to your bed!

I shall continue my research! :slight_smile: