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Wine storage

Looks to have been completed to a high standard

Hope it and its contents give you many years of pleasure


Thank you! I am pretty sure it will!!!

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This is now my problem… A Large wine fridge stocked to capacity and a smaller one ALSO at capacity… HELLO Garage…:laughing:. The fridges are a sure fire way of storing WAY more wine than you actually need but hey I’m not complaining.


Totally agree. Nature abhors a vacuum, and the wine enthusiast abhors it even more! :grinning:


It must be even better than scrolling though ones reserves online - to see the beauties actually slumbering away through the family-proof safety glass… Oh, the anticipation! A wine fridge on a grand scale - every new house in the land must be fitted with one!


Nature might abhor a vacuum, but it can be so good for a wine…

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Never mind looking through the glass, it’s even better when opening the door walking in and perusing the racks.


We have an 1860s house and at the end of the rear entrance hall we created a storage cupboard
about 12 x 8 x 8ft. We installed a aircon unit and that keeps the wine (about 200 bottles) at 15.5-16.2C. Also in there is laundry, vegetables and an upright freezer, hence the need for aircon as it gives off a little heat.
It works well enough for us.


Do monitor the humidity - air con is notorious for drying the air

Currently 16.2C and 62%RH

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pretty good ! does the unit monitor or have you bought a separate gauge? - im looking for a replacement for my old oregon scientific unit

I use one of these to monitor Temperature and Humidity of the cupboard in which I keep some wine not stored in the wine fridge:


thanks - will have a look and add to the xmas pressie list !

It’s a unit I bought from a Horticultural supplier. Greenhouse Sensation, I think they are called.
The one proposed by Alex88 looks amazing. Maybe I will invest in one of those as it gives a trace of the values.

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it really does look good - I like the fact it stores the data on the unit for 20 days…which is great as no chance of the data being beamed from my cellar to a phone / tablet.

I use this - it’s great.

I’m starting to look at wine cabinets for a potential house move. Criteria would be single zone, glass door and large capacity (200+ bottle rating, although we know you never quite get that). The bigger the better, within reason

I’m not all that keen on the shelf design of the Swisscave cabinets (great for Bordeaux, not so much for others) and Caple reliability leaves me a little concerned so was thinking of other brands to investigate

I have a Liebherr which I quite like but is for the garage, not in the house like this one will be. Eurocave and Transtherm (same company?) seem very expensive. Will also look at Climadiff but again seem quite pricey. No budget in mind just yet other than would prefer to be nearer £1000 than £2000

Any other brands people would suggest to consider that give better bang for your buck?

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Loved reading everyone’s storage solutions (oh that’s sad!).

A few years ago we moved into an 1860s detached house with a basement level which covers the whole footprint of the house. Most of the basement has been given over to space for a home office, but I reserved a 4.5m2 room for wine storage. I currently have storage racks for about 200, with more space as my collection grows (probably soon as I have started to pile wooden crates up next to the racks).

Temperature is pretty stable being almost completely surrounded by earth, and relatively decent humidity. In winter it can drop a bit low so I have a temperature controlled power unit (see link) which powers an oil-filled electric heater. This keeps it at a very stable 13C over winter. In summer a heatwave can (after a week or so) push the temperature up to a maximum of about 17C but mainly it sits at 15 from about May until the cool weather kicks in.

I have two of TWS 90 bottle racks stacked and screwed to the wall with another smaller rack for overflow. the racks look great (and are very competitively priced) but were a pig to put together so I’m not relishing adding the next.

I read up a fair bit before biting the bullet and having my reserves delivered and it sounded like vibration and light were also factors to be considered. The basement is silent as a tomb most of the time and nice and dark in the room in question. Has anyone else considered this or had issues with vibration? I must say that I now like to cellar wines for at least a week or so after delivery because I find that the sediment drops out and is much easier to avoid when it has had some time to settle. I used to keep a small number of bottles near the washing machine in a previous house and never saw sediment, presumably in the hot and shaky conditions it was remaining in solution.

It’s a bit Heath Robinson, but the wine racks look great and the heating unit is definitely necessary. Generally we keep all our wine down there, it keeps the wine nicely.


from a decanter article today


Just seen this on storing wine. I thik i shall i shall go on storing my wine upright in a cupboard in the kitchen,