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Wine storage temp - chilling reds?


Hi all.

First time community poster here, I’m a wine lover but far from a connoisseur, so forgive my ‘gumby’ question :blush:

I always have space in my wine fridge in the whites/chilled section, but too many reds for the reds/room temp section. Would it be harmful to a red to sit in the chiller for a few weeks or more until there is room to move it to the reds section? My wines tend to be in the £10-20 range, so we’re not talking anything too fancy.

I realise that this may also open up the general debate about the right temps for reds, whites, I had a trawl of existing posts but couldn’t find anything definitive.




I’m no expert on this front but I think the serving temperature for white wine is only a touch below the storing temperature for red. In which case storing them there for a while is probably fine and in fact probably better than storing them at the ‘room temperature’ setting.

However far more knowledgeable people will probably be along shortly and give you much better advice!

And welcome!:smiley:


I don’t think you’ll do too much harm, but not sure there’s any benefit for such a short time. Why not just have it at room temperature in a …room?

Ideally white for serving is say 6-8 deg where as red in storage a little warmer, 10-13 deg.

In fact red stored at the lower temperature would age slower, so possibly be better for long term storage.

The main thing I think is temperature variation being kept to a minimum, if you want to age them.


I have both red and white in my wine fridge and its set at 12c for storage, when I want to drink a wine I either get a red out and warm it slightly before drinking, for white I take it out and put it in a normal fridge for about half an hour before opening.


It’ll be fine as long as you don’t keep moving them from one temperature zone to another. The lower temperature will slow the maturing process too for fine wine. I remember reading comments from Michael Broadbent on the remarkable longevity of the claret from the Glamis Castle cellars which were rather colder than normal.


I’m the same as @Mltch. I too remove and allow to warm or cool as appropriate before drinking.


Don;t worry about it. I have hundreds of bottles of often much more expensive stuff that has been happily lying at room temperature for 12 or 15 years. Never yet found a duff bottle :slight_smile:


Thanks all - very helpful, and thanks for the welcome!