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Wine storage fees

It would be good to get views on wine storage both at home and storage facilities.
I think I got around 50 cases in storage across TWS and BBR plus a wine fridge at home.
I find myself paying hundreds of pounds per year in storage fees and was wondering if anyone has got an alternative solution or view towards storing wine.

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There’s a helpful thread about non-TWS storage here:

whch includes a link to this table:


although it’s a bit out of date I guess.


Drinking it :wink:?

I think that TWS storage rates remain pretty competitive, and include delivery costs which some don’t. The cost will only vary a bit between the main providers.

The alternative solution is DIY. I do it in part with a 298 bottle storage cabinet, which holds max 250 in reality. That’s about 20 cases tops and in practice it’s usually got about 200ish in it. However it cost me just over £1,000, running costs are very low, and probably saves me about £150 at least in annual cellarage, so the payback period isn’t bad. A second hand one would be even cheaper. Mine is a ‘no frills’ but reliable model.

At 50 cases, you’re realistically looking at a cellar, which if you don’t have one already in the house, would cost a fair bit to build, so not sure it would be cost effective against external storage.


That’s exactly where I’m stuck at. I had a couple of quotes for a cellar at home but they all start at around £25k which is way too much.
I just got a wine fridge from Fisher & Paykel and it’s looks very good and functional but it doesn’t solve storage fee issues.
Thanks for sharing your experience :wine_glass:

How fancy do you want your cellar? £25k sounds excessive - is it because they’d have to dig the cellar, or because you want all-bells-and-whistles?

Otherwise, if cellar space exists, it’s really quite simple and cheap to build your own. And it’s far cheaper storing on you own property than someone else’s :smiley:


In short I think wine is a lot more durable than we think so can withstand some temperature fluctuation. I remember discussing this some years ago with Michael Tambouri a famous local wine merchant who used his Perth WA shop basement as storage…it was ventilated and apart from a few scorchers in summer worked in his view. Perth is a Windy City and a cooling sea breeze kicks in most afternoons.

I have about 150 bottles in wine fridges , mostly Margaret River Cabernet, Bordeaux, Pricier Rhône’s, Riojas & white burgundy. I also have about another 120 bottles on racks against outside walls of my garage which adjoins the house. So on a hot summers day I ensure a flow of air with open doors. In Winter super cold nights for days in a row are less frequent of late so I find this works.

On the racks mostly Rhône’s/S. France, Loire reds, a few Crianzas and Aussie GSM.

So far the only mishaps have been the more expensive bottles from fridges or paid storage. That’s my experience since moving back to :uk:.


The cellar would need to be dug, I don’t have enough space to store around 800 bottles which is what I want.
It is excessive but 2 different supplier gave me a similar quote and since then I gave up as £25k is more than what I have in wine

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I had for a good few years around 80 bottles in a cupboard away from light and heat sources however during summer some days the temperature was above 27c.
I remember that I lost at least 5 really good bottles ( red Bordeaux ) 3 or 4 years ago and since then I maintain 90% of what I have in storage

@Rafa, I sold 6 bottles of 89 d’Yquem to fund a Eurocave. It’s been in a garage from new for 15 years and hasn’t skipped a beat.


I have a wine ‘fridge’ and also a ‘cellar’. The latter’s temperature varies from about 9 Celsius in the winter to a maximum of 20 Celsius on the hottest day of the year. The intra-day temperature variation is less than 1 degree Celsius. I’ve been trying to find out (and found nothing concrete) is how this will impact on maturity dates, etc. As it’s not a perfect 11 Celsius I’ve assumed maybe reducing length of storage by a quarter or a third. Does anyone have any hard facts on this?

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If you’re in London this might be an alternative option, not sure how the cost compares.