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Jancis has recently published her list of wines to drink this spring.

There are a two Dog Point wines from TWS on her list. I have not tried them in a while but I am keen to go back and reacquaint myself with both of them, and will add to my next round of purchases. Her other suggestions are also very interesting.

Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Marlborough 13%
This comes from one of my favourite producers of one of the world’s favourite wines. The NZ estate is run by members of the original Cloudy Bay set-up before its Sauvignon Blanc became ubiquitous. Fans of Coche Dury white burgundies might like to seek out the 2019, which has even more of the Coche struck-match character.
£14.95 The Wine Society

Dog Point Pinot Noir 2018 Marlborough 13%
Very gentle, delicate and nuanced but not quite as compelling as the 2017 is now, which augurs well for the future of this 2018. It is savoury and dry — there’s no distracting sweetness, no beetroot quality, no obvious oakiness. You could certainly enjoy it today but I suspect it might be even better next year. Amazing that one producer can be so good at both Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir — and makes pretty smart Chardonnay too.
£25 The Wine Society

Keen to hear your views.


She also mentions this Bulgarian red which is a great value favourite of ours, have one sitting in my rack…

Bononia, Gomotartzi Gamza 2019 Bulgaria 12.7% Gamza is a Bulgarian grape that makes fruity, fairly soft wines that drink well young and without food. This one, grown close to the Danube river, is a lovely springlike red with a little note of tamarind. Unexpectedly persistent. £8.95 The Wine Society, £10.50 The Old Cellar


I’ve had this before, it’s a lot of wine for nine quid!

I’m a fan of the Dog Point Savvy B too. I’ve never tried the Pinot Noir, but may have to give it a go.


I’ve not tried the pinot noir either, but I think the Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc is absolutely delicious, we had it during the Christmas period and I remember actually stopping to say how enjoyable it was after nearly every sip.


I agree. The Dog Point SB is very good. The ‘Meet the Growers’ session this week was very good. They are clearly a passionate team that own/run this vineyard.


Dog Point is excellent and my favourite Kiwi SB, not tried the PN so must put in a couple of bottles in my next order.


Have very much enjoyed the Dog Pont SB over the last decade or so and I had their PN 2011 this time two years ago, in March 2019. Really delicious - would be getting more, more often, were it not for also trying, especially, Austrian reds (including PN) and now much of my PN spend finally going into Burgundy . . . . many thanks to Toby M for his recent EP insights.


Dog point is pretty smart stuff. £25 a pop sounds steep, I’ve preferred greywacke pn when comparing and their made in the same winery space as far as I know.
Drink as much of the SB as you can. Leave the Chardonnay to the more experienced drinker. :sunglasses:


Possibly on the back of Jancis’ review and the demand from Wednesday’s event, unfortunately the Dog Point Pinot Noir is currently out of stock. New stock of the same vintage has been ordered and should be available by early June.


Kevin Judd (Greywacke) has now got his own winery set up so no longer makes his wine at Dog Point, but they do still share vineyards and work closely together.


I really like this wine, it is perfect summer garden sipping .


*summer garden throating


Yes Russ, I agree, £25 a go for the DP PN means it’s a (re)purchase that requires a bit of thought. Of course it’s pretty easy to spend at least that in Burgundy, so I’m hoping for splendid things to come from there . . . .

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:



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fixed that for you