Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

Case ordered Monday evening & arrived Wednesday midday via DHL (via SWV = small white van). No drama - delivered to my happy waiting arms but if I had not been in, would have been left around the back of the house - extremely rare that something goes astray.

Couldnt be happier, excellent service.

Compared to Waitrose who take around a week and seem to turn up when it suits them. And you have to be there to sign for it. Grrrr.

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Yes, a MoW thesis by Tofterup has been referenced several times:

‘Using descriptive analysis and sensory difference testing, the results showed no statistically significant differences between wines which had recently undergone shipping and a control bottle which had never travelled.’


Welcome red van delivery today, birthday present from my brother. Two Greek wines, Exhibition Assyrtiko and Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes, both 2021. Very happy with that haul, and nice to meet our new red van driver Rafal, replacing Rob who was our regular for many years. Rafal was wearing a very smart WS T-shirt and definitely looked the part.


Love it when DHL are actually time travelling… note the time of the last message…
NB: they are late of course

and now, like Marty and Doc, they are changing the past!

finally received an email telling me it was delayed to tomorrow… thanks guys…

I’ve just had a series of deliveries by Evri. On each occasion the first message has advised that my parcel will be delivered between 7 and 9 in the evening. Then, about lunchtime, a message saying it will arrive between 3 and 5 in the afternoon.

Not a big problem for me, as the packages were not valuable and I was at home anyway, but this would be very difficult in some circumstances.

that, I can live with… passage time within a given day is subject to many factors…

but in my case above, I had a message stamped with a future time… (click on the time stamp of my message)
and then a bit later, a “past” message appeared to let me know that actually, it won’t be delivered today,.,. more annoying as I need to make arrangements for tomorrow now
hence the “back to the future” reference…

I prefer the Red Van, Chris is always smiling.
He apologized this morning for an early delivery .
ETA was between 8.48 and 10-48. Delivered at 8-14 am

I had a red van yesterday. Steve was very chatty, and early, apparently trying to get back to Stevenage before the storm arrived!

White van for me today, with red WS branding. The driver was wearing a Crowfoots (Leicestershire carrier) polo shirt.

I always ask for TWS van if it’s on the rota.

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This morning I was due a wine Societydelivery in a WS red van between 8-and 10 . At 7.55 there was a knock on the door . I get out of bed run down stairs find a key to open the door. Open the the door to see the van driving away . The box had been left on my doorstep, out side my front door. He had pulled the bin up so that it could not be seen from the road.
However I have jus been started getting arthritis in my thumbs so i cant lift the box in Standing in my nightshirt outside I open the box and carry the bottles in individualy.


Just had a Delivery from DHL, it’s a been a random assortment of drivers for the past year although it has been this guy the last 2 or 3 times. He noticed the bottom of the box was a bit damp and asked if I wanted to check for breakages whilst he was here. Thankfully there were none and something else in the warehouse must have leaked but a very kind gesture.