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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

DHL delivery just now gave me a nasty moment, with a damp corner of the box. Fortunately all the bottles were intact, which leads me to think that someone else has had a breakage. It certainly wasn’t rain water.


My DHL delivery today was discovered by my wife cooking in full sunshine on the doorstep.

No idea how long it had been there. Not impressed. Even less impressed when I checked the tracking which said I had signed for it!

That might have been my wine! I had a case of Grillo on order, it turned up a day after the rest of my order, packed in a massive box with loads of plastic filler, but only 3 bottles instead of 6. My guess is that 3 broke, so they sent the rest of my order on the promised day, and tried to re-pack the Grillo, but with 3 missing bottles, and sent it the following day. Maybe our boxes were near each other and 2 plus litres of Grillo went into your case?

First time I’ve had a problem with DHL and it appears they have not done what they should, return the short order back to TWS who in turn then send out another full case. Instead I’m left with 3 bottles, not 6, and a load of unwanted plastic. In process of sorting it out with TWS.

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I find that there are no red van deliveries to my area(BD21) in August. So i leaving my buying of further wine to September in the hope that they resume then.

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All these stories of woe !

I feel kinda left out, in my area (HD8) DHL perform pretty much faultlessly. Maybe one goes awry per year? but I’m happy to accept that rate & member’s services are quick to replace or track down. I only bother with the Shiny Red Van when it’s a particularly precious wine or spirit.

For those miffed to find cases abandoned on the front doorstep in full sun, I’d suggest doing as I do: Add a note requesting the wine to be left in the shade of a porch, or around the back of the house.


Out of curiosity: with DHL can one request that deliveries are made to a local collection point, like a post office / convenience store (or some-such) ?

Not to the best of my knowledge. I think you might be able to ask them to leave with your next door neighbour for example. It probably is also a different experience if you are urban v rural, I’ve got to know my DHL driver by now, bit like the postie, and I imagine if I put it on the form, he’d have no problem knocking next door. But not to a shop I think…

Same in my neck of the woods of Brighton. I’m yet to have a failed delivery. Virtually always the same lovely Lithuanian delivery guy (we discussed being Lithuanian, as my paternal grandfather was from Vilnius), pleasant, polite and never a broken bottle yet. Seems like it really varies regionally.

Having said that, I will still always opt for a WS shiny red van whenever possible.


And DHL are usually a lot earlier than the time their estimated time!


Sometimes by a day or more in my case!


There are few things more annoying than receiving an email on a Saturday morning to say the wine you scheduled for delivery Monday has just been left on the front porch. When you’re still overseas.


I changed my order earlier in the week to add a box from reserves and put back delivery to Saturday morning to combine the two boxes and save diesel …. It hasn’t worked as half the delivery arrived today

Why are WS red vans nearly always shiny? Are their drivers tasked with polishing them every day?

There are around 50 references to “red van” here, and around 45 to “shiny”, but I don’t remember anyone commenting on the reflective properties of DHL vans, not even negatively.

I think it is just habit. I live in a Birmingham suburb which is always described as ‘leafy’. Half bottles are invariably described as ‘handy’.


Its West Midlands Oral Poetry

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Yes, I remember when my office was being relocated to Aston, managers were tempting us with tales of the leafy suburbs of Birmingham to persuade to stay with the office.

I now live in another city, in a suburb that is really leafy (it’s a right pain in the autumn), but the adjective is hardly ever applied.