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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

This is how DHL just left a case (one of a few) on my doorstep, without knocking.


Geez! That’s just unacceptable! :weary:


I count myself lucky these were all intact yesterday (DHL too)

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I have DPD (Basco), DHL (Wine Society) and Evri (some plants) all arriving within the same time window today.

The race is on. The Fear is strong.


And as I clicked send, my friendly regular DPD driver turned up with some treats. Barring the Darren and his SRV, DPD are the best everywhere I’ve lived.

Minus points to Basco for the unsustainable styrofoam packing.


Basco stuffed me today. They failed to confirm deliver yesterday and instead rearranged for today - to my work address, which is closed. Luckily the Dpd driver seems proactive and called me to check and we’ve managed to rearrange suitable time and location for us to meet (probably saved him hanging around later).

Currently waiting in an estate in Aylesbury for all my Spanish meat / olives / beans & anchovies!


I believe L&W have moved using DHL instead of LCB. I’m putting together my annual withdrawals and am a little nervous!

DHL have always been fine for me but I don’t quite get why they’d move away from a courier that specialises in delivering wine?!

Are they still charging what they charged when using LCB?

Really had to dig to find out! It’s free for cellar circle members, otherwise £15 per delivery which ISTR is the same as before.

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Yep. That’s the same. £15 for DHL delivery! Ouch!

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My plants from Evri arrive on the last minute of the delivery window. The TWS DHL order came an hour and a half late, but all present and correct.

Good service from Member Services, refund plus small credit. Hope they recoup from DHL.


New one on me from MS:

At least they’re telling me. Will be interesting to see if my L&W is delivered at the same time.


I had the same message last week, but as part of my order was coming from reserves I requested a different date, rather than leave them to DHL’s (not so) tender mercies.

That was all confirmed, but then the non-reserves part of my order was delivered by TWS vehicle on the original date anyway :man_shrugging:

Rearranged date for reserves is tomorrow, so Will see what turns up.

Interesting. This is a reserves withdrawal as well. I woner if it’s related.

Another perfect delivery from my friendly DHL driver this morning, all intact. He was here last week too with something else, and might be back tomorrow with a pump for my espresso machine after the old one died.


Exact same note I’ve had this morning. Last delivery was the same, and I came home to find the delivery hadbeen sat on the doorstep for a few hours.

Last time it was a regular order, so I wasn’t too concerned, but this time it’s a reserves delivery, so I’m less relaxed.

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One email each for TWS and L&W plus following texts. All arrived safe and sound on the same van.