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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

I was told specifically that they could but only after the new systems came on line along with a number of other features, like, for example, you will be able to put single bottles into reserves.

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that’s interesting but looking back at when I asked the question I see it was June 2020 so I guess policy has changed.

Here is the response provided at the time:

Unfortunately, we are unable to amend your invoice month for Reserve Rental charges due to accounting reasons. You can place a credit on the share yo build it up throughout the year and use this against the invoice when it is due. If there’s a credit on the account, we do not use this against any orders automatically, it will have to be applied so will stay on there until the invoice is due. We apologise for any disappointment this causes.

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IF you can use the shiny red van for delivery then there is no problem per se…but for those of us without the luxury of that option we are left to the pot luck of DHL et all and until your precious EP or first growth delivery goes AWOL you will wonder what the fuss is about. @Brentw1 I am not “having a go” at you so please don’t think I am.

Strange, apart from the breakage or theft, it seems as though DHL in your area use a totally different tracking/messaging system to the one I see.

But like you, I’ve never had any sensible communication from delivery companies when things go wrong. You have to contact the sender, and they usually they can only guess what has happened until they receive back the remains. For me that is the worst aspect of having bottles broken - not being kept informed - but I must admit that if I was having bottles delivered from reserves I would be seriously pissed-off regardless.

I think if the person responsible for the damage had to make-good - not financially, but personally apologise to the recipient, repack and deliver the unbroken bottles, and contact the sender to get the broken bottles resent - then there would be far fewer breakages. It would probably help, and also be fair, to pay them better too!


If it was from my reserves they may find the broken bottle being inserted somewhere…seriously though, I don’t use them for any Reserves delivery.

I agree that the total lack of communication is very annoying. Putting more responsibility on the carrier would maybe help.

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sharing their experiences here. While it’s absolutely correct that posting here is no substitute for getting any issue you may have resolved directly with our lovely Member Services team (as I think the email above proves :smiley:), it is really good to see members sharing their experiences, and in many cases offering helpful insight/solutions!

I also want to assure you that every week I share as much insight as I can on the Community hot topics of the moment with our Senior Leadership Team, so sharing your opinions here really does matter to us and makes a positive difference. :clap:


Just for the balance, based in East Yorkshire, I get almost weekly TWS deliveries from DHL and have had an excellent service for more than a year now. There seems to be local variation in the service received from DHL.


I think I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s generally the same in Manchester - with all delivery companies used, including DHL.

I would have said it’s ALWAYS been good, but my last order went “missing presumed broken”. More on that later perhaps :wink:

How the other half live.

I have a delivery from Berry’s which I am told will arrive sometime between 9-6 sometime within the next three days. This is as specific as they can be, apparently.


Bad news for your butler if he was planning to take an afternoon off


Well! A shiny logo-less white van turned up at my house a few minutes ago, Gavin jumped out and started to unload the latest delivery, I tried to send him away and come back with a nice red van but when he explained that there was a few cases of delicious Xinomavro I reluctantly accepted the colour of the van.

He did explain that one shiny red van was broken and they are due to replace the fleet in 6 months or so, hence the white van for now.

He agreed that no one cheers as he pulls up any longer, what a shame!

Despite the colour it’s once again great service from TWS.


You need to book another order and arm yourself with a few of these


Perfect!!! I’ll wait until my wife starts working in the office again, place a large reserves withdrawal and then as Gavin is unpacking the boxes I’ll fix the van!

The only problem is the spray paint will probably be delivered in a white van!


This sound like a destructive feedback loop of online ordering, vandalism and hand-scrubbing.

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Just had a delivery from DHL. Was expecting two boxes so when the driver only brought out one I told him I was expecting two. He told me there was only one and it was common for them to arrive at the depot at different times and be delivered in different vans. He came back a minute later saying he hadn’t been able to clear the delivery and had found it in his van. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t seen him arrive. Have I just prevented a ‘lost’ box of wine :thinking:


No, it’s quite common for the same van to come twice the same day, or a delivery to be split over two days.

These issues aren’t especially confined to TWS, or DHL either. I took a delivery from J&B a while ago of multiple cases that came in three lots from two different delivery companies.

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Just taken delivery of half our order via DHL. Rang TWS and advised that the other half found its way to completely the wrong DHL depot. Rescheduled delivery for a week today as going away. I almost always choose a WS van delivery. On those rare occasions I succumb to the temptation of a courier delivery I almost always regret it as on this occasion.

TWS did offer to arrange delivery to our holiday destination but we agreed that as it is on the IoW it would add further complications and delays. Fingers crossed DHL will keep our case of wine in suitable conditions for a week :grimacing:


For some merchants it is conceivable that the wines came from different warehouses. I know for sure some have their wine at London City Bond, as their deliveries came via an LBC van.

If you place an order at CostCo for a range of goods, it is similar. I find it pretty annoying as, for me, part of the point of placing a large order is to simplify deliveries.


For the record and in interests of balance, my latest order got moved from TWS delivery to DHL due to driver illness.

DHL did deliver it on time and intact…interestingly it was a case of beer and 9 bottles of ‘everyday’ wine…which made me more relaxed about them doing it, and also more cynical about how a case of beer with pretty average packaging arrives intact, whilst a case of wine very robustly packed got ‘broken’ in entirety a year ago…