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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

TWS terminated the contract they had with Katem (in the North anyway), who were contracted to deliver TWS wines.
I don’t know who the new company are but likely hood is they don’t have enough drivers.

So does that mean that Austin who delivered my wines in the red van was not working for the wine society? So does that mean i wont see him again?

So, as far as I’m aware TWS employ drivers direct and the ones further a field like you and me were contracted out to a company called Katem. (There may be other copanies who run a contract fleet for TWS aswell, I don’t know).
The drivers from Katem only delivered TWS wines so my driver has been now made redundant as a new transport manager at TWS changed the contract to someone else.
I now have a new driver who is also lovely but works for someone else and contracted to TWS. I don’t know if the same will happen with your driver but I’m assuming the changing of contracts has affected deliveries in Scotland.
But again, that’s speculation on my behalf.

Even in North Birmingham, less than 100 miles from Stevenage, our orders are invariably delivered by a regional carrier. Pre-Covid we always got a red van.


Alas, even the red telephone kiosks have had their day!
In the words of E J Thribb “So farewell then shiny red WS vans’.

Life will go on.


I only receive a visit from the SRV occasionally these days, even when I think that’s what I chose. But there was one parked outside my next door neighbours’ yesterday.

They’re not quite extinct, if endangered.

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And yet, despite all the doom and gloom, our regular delivery guy turned up in a brand new shiny red van for the first time less than a month ago.


i am now getting a WS delivery on april 27th. Interesting to see if i have the same driver. I saw Austin on some WS publicity . So it would be extraordinary if he doesnt work for the Society.

I have missed your cynical musings good to have you back !

This is a picture of The WS driver who delivers my wine . He appeared on the WS marketing notice. I would assume from that ,that he works for the wine society.

And another week to 16/04 - just 3 days before delivery is due.

Just went to withdraw some wine from Reserves, no WS van delivery slot available…given my past experiences here with couriers, I won’t be doing it now and will call them tomorrow to find out what’s going on…


Interesting , keep us posted :+1:, hopefully they will be able to offer another service other than DHL :roll_eyes:.

Never assume - it makes an ass out of u and me :rofl:

Called today, and it appears that the driver is on hols until early May…so will wait few days then retry.


I don’t know! These drivers; get to work for TWS and then expect holidays as well… Hrmph! :rofl:


I was relieved to hear that was why no option was showing. Unlike some routes, there is no relief cover apparently…


The WS isnt the Gig economy. Its supposed to be a cooperative.

I was only kidding, hence the :rofl:

Having a degree from the O U I always treat “You” as a three letter word .