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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

You should make Member Services aware of this. After my awful year with DHL they are taking a more detailed look as it looks like a depot issue…I’m assuming your depot will be the same one as mine…

Well, my UPS delivery from Vinissimus is totally up the spout, so it’s not just DHL with issues.
Failed delivery last Thursday. I called Saturday and was assured it would be delivered today. Was called today to be informed they can’t find it and it’d be best to re-order!

Obviously that isn’t an option because of B-word and no more Vinissimus to UK. I was told I’d be emailed so I could start a tracer, but nothing yet from UPS. Not gonna hold out much hope, fear someone has bagged themselves a lovey case of mixed Spanish and Italian reds.

Oh noooo @Brocklehurstj!! Fingers and toes crossed it turns up , when are the courier companies of this country try going to be held accountable! :see_no_evil:


I’ll chime into say that so far in my few months of TWS membership I think I’ve only ever had DHL deliveries, but they’ve always been terrific for me. Naturally this is just being fortunate in terms of my local depot and drivers (as with any such service), but thought it was worth adding a positive testimonial where it’s deserved.

However, I can very much understand that anyone who’s had lost items or breakages, especially involving items only available in limited numbers or from reserves may be put off permanently from anything other than a TWS van. I wonder if there might be any other specialist courier firms that TWS could add to the roster for such eventualities? If offered at a reasonable cost, I’m sure some who are withdrawing potentially thousands of pounds worth of stock would be minded to go with a non-free option if they’re in a hurry or don’t want to entrust a ‘regular’ courier with particularly valuable items. Just a thought.


You all want to try dealing with an Italian firm - and Hermes

The Italian firm - for reasons known only to them - have changed my house name (no numbers around here…) to “High Street”. It’s correct on the original confirmation email, and subtly different on the dispatch email. Close enough to not really notice on the prefunctory read through.

So we now live at

High Street,
our actual street name,

And we now apparently live at an address that doesn’t exist on the list of houses at this postcode. The Italian company don’t want to know (their suggestion of it being resent when it gets returned to Italy will look good on Xmas day). And getting in contact with Hermes is proving impossible. Busy time I know. But why the Italian firm have changed it, I’ve no idea.

Bearing in mind I ordered on the 24 November for a 4 day delivery, it’s proving a little stressful. Fortunately, not the only presents.

First world problems I know. And presumably will get worse in the new year.

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My WS delivery, scheduled between 1400-1600 today, has just been delivered at 0830, by Crowfoots, a regional carrier. I was in the shower. Driver said he only had 4 more drops to do.

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And I had a text from TWS at 1400 to say that delivery would be in the next 30 minutes. Are these reminders automatic with no tracking? Not a lot of point, if so.


I only buy wine from the WS and have it delivered by WS vans . So far no problems.

At last, I have something to contribute to this thread. After maybe a decade of problem free wine deliveries… my 6 case of New Year wine went missing somewhere at DHL. Member services cannot trace its whereabouts.

Shame because it was a unique wine. No longer available etc.

Somehow I cant be angry, it’s only wine after all. I hope whoever drank my wine, enjoyed it.


Had confirmation today from UPS that the same thing happened to my final order form Vinissimus (they don’t know where it is). Bit sad as no way to buy the same unless I pay a massive premium (for some of it at least), so highly unlikely for some time.

I’d like to say I hope they enjoyed, but I’m struggling with such a sentiment.


Just came across this, @MarkC, maybe you can open a gallery?


:rofl: :rofl:

With DHL it would be more than that minimalist thing there too!