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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

Thanks Mitch, yes, understand that, just unlucky I guess that in my area DHL aren’t particularly reliable…

Just spoken to the very helpful Sam at Member Services and it does look like the missing case is snagged up in a DHL backlog and will hopefully be delivered later this week, so all may not be lost…fingers crossed.
@MarkC, good luck for your delivery… :pray:


What part of the country do you live in?

I am having two cases delivered wednesday. So lets hoping. On this same posting topic other people have told me that every thing is great with this carrier . I wait and see what happens.

I had three cases of wine delivered last week, under the same reference number.

One case was delivered, but no sign of the others. However, my tracking information was subsequently updated to partial delivery, and the remaining wines were safely delivered the next day, if that offers you any reassurance.

Fingers crossed they turn up safely for you. :crossed_fingers:


North Leicestershire…if only I still lived in God’s own country :wink:

Thanks @ChrisB, tracking info still shows as fully delivered but I do feel a little reassured now. Sam (Member Services) did say to give them a bell back on Thursday if the wines hadn’t turned up by close of play Wednesday, so I’m sure it’ll get sorted one way or another. Just hope TWS don’t have to send out another case to me in order to subsidise DHL’s service…

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I usually get a TWS van delivery but previous instances where courier delivery has never been an issue for me. The only difference currently is that unmixed cases are in the original suppliers packaging which is usually much less robust than the TWS cartons. Having said that, todays delivery arrived safely.

That happened to me once. 1 case of 2 went AWOL, the driver knew nothing (that he was willing to tell me at least), and the consigment was flagged up as having been delivered. But it was not TWS, and I am not sure it was DHL. What had happened was that a bottle got smashed in the other case and the case was (I believe) returned to the sender.

It was crap service from both sender and shipper. No one thought to inform me of the accident despite both of them having my contact details. It was as if there was no problem as far as they were concerned until I called the merchant to find out where my wine was. If I had been asked, I would have wanted the shipper to have repackaged and delivered the 11 intact bottles to me, and the sender to refund me for the breakage.

Ouch, that’s appalling service from both - at least TWS will do what they can, to fulfil the order but I don’t want them to have to bail out DHL. Unfortunately, the wine is now out of stock. Here’s hoping it turns up without any further hassle :slight_smile:

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The case of mine that Fedex broke had half the wines in it out of stock by the time they bothered to tell anyone. Useless clowns. Had it been them, I would have waited until TWS were doing their own deliveries again.

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Yes, depending upon what happens with this delivery I may just send wines to reserves for the time being, I’ve probably got just enough at home to keep us going in the short term thankfully…

I have enough at home for sure, but wanted to fill up the cabinet and also get some wines in that are a year or so into their drinking window now.

Ah, sorry, I’d forgotten your is a reserves delivery. I’m sure it’ll be fine, by the sounds of it the vast, vast majority of DHL deliveries have been, we just tend to post when something goes wrong :wink:

Yes, I know that we post by exception, and perhaps DHL will be fine. My experience of Fedex has been poor. 3 times they were the courier, once was a day late, once was late and delivered to wrong house, and once they smashed the entire case allegedly. TWS van has always been reliable.

My ‘favourite’ FEDEX experience was 3 days in a row getting an email informing me that delivery had been attempted and as I hadn’t been in it had been returned to the depot and delivery would be attempted the following day. I’ve worked from home for years and had been in all 3 days, all day. Day 4 the delivery happened, collared the delivery driver ‘yeah, I was running late and couldn’t be bothered to come out this far, but you’ve got it now’. Priceless…as you can imagine I found it hilarious…


Yes, I’ve had that too, not with wine, but other deliveries.

My delayed order arrived by DHL today. No notification whatsoever, but at least it’s here. That will see me through til the end of the month and am also now ready for the Postponed TWS Taste

The merchant was uniquely awful, as I would have known if I’d checked on the web first. Generally though, I have had good service from both merchants and delivery companies in recent years. A vast improvement from 20 years ago or so.

Portugal Vineyards by any chance ? :wink::wink::rofl: