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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

A plenty of others still who never had the option of a TWS van in the first place even if we live in big cities.

TWS vans for the whole country!


In all seriousness Laura, what actually is stopping the WS vehicles being used? It has started to look odd that they are still mothballed so to speak, when compared to other carriers/delivery companies across all product sectors. Doesn’t the WS realise it shows them in a poor light?

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I disagree, that’s only your personal opinion. None of us know the logistics of how the vans operate and what other difficulties they may face. I’m confident tws are making decisions in the best interest of everyone.

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Have you read the reason on their website? It may show the society in poor light to you and a few others who have had bad experience but how does impact the overall perception of the society during a global pandemic? Does it not demonstrate that they are great employer by putting the welfare of others ahead of a delivery of wine? If they used their own deliveries perhaps it would impact the speed at which they can process orders and therefore provide another thing to complain about.

Why are you only using DHL for delivery?
Our decision to use DHL only at this stage is for simplicity. Our own van deliveries are co-ordinated from one of the very congested zones of the warehouse and our new measures couldn’t accommodate this either efficiently or safely. Using DHL at this stage means we will be able to deliver more wine more quickly, and the organisation has very sound social distancing measures in place. Our fleet of Society vans will be back on the roads as soon as is operationally practical.


Of course! Silly me!

As I have said before I do not have the choice of TWS van delivery in Cornwall… In this particular case I am annoyed because I chose yesterday for the delivery and right up to around 6pm it was still going to be delivered by DHL - I was next delivery. DHL made a decision not to deliver it that late in the day!

I worked for three weeks in the warehouse under the new temporary configuration. Because of our new measures it is not possible to use the entrances and exits that our vans and lorry use (we have expanded into the goods out area to allow for proper social distancing and a one-way system for staff). The only area that deliveries can be made from is the same yard that already shares 3rd party courier lorries and goods-in deliveries. Using our vans (and the trucks that service our van outposts) in this area would mean congestion, both in the yard and on the surrounding roads, and would not enable us to efficiently despatch orders to members, let alone provide a safe environment for staff on site.
We are constantly reviewing this - our Executive and Senior Leadership Teams meet every day at present - as we appreciate all the reasons why reinstating our vans would be a good thing and we will do so as soon as possible, but we won’t compromise on the safety and well-being of our colleagues.


Thanks Ewan. I have no doubt TWS are reviewing the issue and want the vans back as soon as safe and practicable. It can also be true that some members are frustrated in the meantime. DHL may be doing a decent job on the whole, and I don’t have a problem purchasing from the current list, but there’s no way I’m going to entrust them with the large reserves withdrawal I was planning for next month so am genuinely looking forward to the day those red vans are back in action. :minibus::+1::kissing_closed_eyes:


i sympathise with all this. What everyone is forgetting is that the delivery companys role is just delivering . So they are set up only to deliver other companys products. The Wine Societys main function is the obtaining importing and selling wine. The delivering of the wine though important is a secondary operation. I am sure that if you had crystlal ball and you knew that we were going to suffer this pandemic you would have organised your operations differently. No one saw this coming . I am 75 and nothing like this has happened in my lifetime.
I was wondering if i could ask a question because i would like to understand how you operate. I live in Yorkshire and when you deliver to me you dont send it from Stevenage. The van comes from somewhere in the Leeds area. So presumably you sort out my order put it in a box and at some time you transport all the separate orders to Leeds where it is sorted for the different runs. At your end the of course you have same logistical problems as you describe in your posting.


I have just received a text from DHL saying that they will deliver my order this afternoon by 4pm… the driver is on their way to stop 10 - I am no 29 :blush:

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@Williambarra My wines have just arrived via DHL. I hope you will be as lucky as me and you get your delivery today.


No such luck, but confirmation from Member services (thank you) that they reviewed the storage and handling at DHL depots and they are happy the wine will be okay over the weekend. My main concern put to rest, I think.

I’m also glad TWS are listening, because it’s not just that DHL have let me down, it that they’ve let the Society down. I wasn’t just angry yesterday about the lack of delivery, it was also about the non-communication from DHL - I still haven’t had an update text or email since Thursday evening, with limited info available on the tracking website.

Let’s hope the delivery arrives safely after the delay.


Finally got a reply from member services…

*As soon as it is safe, we will of course be getting the vans back, but we wouldn’t imagine that this would be anytime soon - certainly not before the end of June…

Basically don’t hold your breath if your’e waiting for the shiny vans

Thanks for sharing the response.

The JRS under current terms goes through end of July at the moment, so at least two months before further financial pressure is applied to bring the vans back - not the only reason of course but it does tend to sharpen the decision making.

I do hope we don’t have to wait much past late June though…

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TWS wine delivery today. Carrier email yesterday to advise delivery today. Another today advising delivery slot 13.30-17.30pm. Delivery turned up at 16.11pm, all good and in a shiny (white) 2018 reg vehicle. Thank heavens for carriers otherwise June would be a rather dry month.


Or just use the courier, like those of us in areas the TWS vans don’t serve do, plus millions of other companies and wine merchants who don’t have their own vans…

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Thanks very much it is appreciated


I’m not confident DHL will be delivering my order which was scheduled for today … no communication from them :roll_eyes:! It’s not urgent though , a case of cheap Chardonnay for my MIL and a few extras for me … c’est la vie .

Just spoke to member services, some shipments may have accidentally not left TWS warehouse last night. In this instance, seems it might not be DHL’s fault…

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