Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

I have enough at home for sure, but wanted to fill up the cabinet and also get some wines in that are a year or so into their drinking window now.

Ah, sorry, I’d forgotten your is a reserves delivery. I’m sure it’ll be fine, by the sounds of it the vast, vast majority of DHL deliveries have been, we just tend to post when something goes wrong :wink:

Yes, I know that we post by exception, and perhaps DHL will be fine. My experience of Fedex has been poor. 3 times they were the courier, once was a day late, once was late and delivered to wrong house, and once they smashed the entire case allegedly. TWS van has always been reliable.

My ‘favourite’ FEDEX experience was 3 days in a row getting an email informing me that delivery had been attempted and as I hadn’t been in it had been returned to the depot and delivery would be attempted the following day. I’ve worked from home for years and had been in all 3 days, all day. Day 4 the delivery happened, collared the delivery driver ‘yeah, I was running late and couldn’t be bothered to come out this far, but you’ve got it now’. Priceless…as you can imagine I found it hilarious…


Yes, I’ve had that too, not with wine, but other deliveries.

My delayed order arrived by DHL today. No notification whatsoever, but at least it’s here. That will see me through til the end of the month and am also now ready for the Postponed TWS Taste

The merchant was uniquely awful, as I would have known if I’d checked on the web first. Generally though, I have had good service from both merchants and delivery companies in recent years. A vast improvement from 20 years ago or so.

Portugal Vineyards by any chance ? :wink::wink::rofl:

Oh dear! I’ve had good service from them on the couple of times I used them. But on the last occasion (last year) the tracking showed my parcel sitting for about a week in the carrier’s warehouse in Spain. It then moved off and was with me 2 days later.

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The odd breakage surely better than drinking the rubbish they sell at Sainsbury’s :slight_smile:

Having said that, i never worry about who’s delivering, and have never had a breakage in dozens of TWS boxes delivered by courier.

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Garrafeira (wtf does it want to put “Farageira”, has google got it in for me?!) Nacional are great, if you’re interested in Portugal. Watch the old stuff, though!

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No. I ordered from The Ministry of Drinks, but they have a number of related businesses that operate from the same or nearby address. I eventually received the 11 intact bottles from the damaged case, but only when I threatened to complain to Paypal (which I used for payment) did I get a refund for the missing bottle.

(I carefully checked my facts before writing this, to avoid any libel. If you google the outfit, you will find a lot worse.)


I have purchased good wine at Sainsburys, I have purchased some wines at Sainsburys which are on the Wine society List . For Example Wolftrap .The WS has some wines at the lower price level which are no better than cheaper wines at Sainsburys.

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DHL tracking (delivery was supposed to be on the 17th. so they should have picked it up on the 16th):

21st April 2020 02:29 We’re sorry but the delivery of your consignment has been delayed. Please contact your sender for further information.
20th April 2020 08:28 Delayed
20th April 2020 07:45 Your parcel 31420430354520 is out for delivery
18th April 2020 05:12 Your parcel 31420430354520 is at the delivery depot
17th April 2020 19:33 Your parcel 31420430354520 has been collected

As do Lidl (some of which have been discussed here), and the other supermarkets. Not to mention Majestic, etc. or some of the specialists and, in normal times, by visiting producers. I find it odd that anyone here gets the majority of wines from only one supplier, whether TWS or anyone else.

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I only buy my wine from the WS. Its not odd its just convenence and choice. I only buy a 100-125 bottles a year. So i buy it all from the wine society which has a wonderful choice. Wine buying is only a small part of the activities of my life and i am not interested in trawling round shops and sites for other wines.


Forgive me, but with google there is no more time or effort involved finding most wines on or off TWS site. I understand your preference and loyalty, but others are no less convenient with their service either.

I was writing about my conveniece . Others may find another supplier equaly convenient.I wasnt suggesting that other suppliers were not equally convenient .
Other people who live in a large family or do a lot of entertaiining and therefore buy large quantities of wine may find it to their advantage to shop around .
Having found a satisfactory supplier of wine for my family i am not interested in trawling through google or anywhere else just for the fun of it . What I found objectional in SPs post was that i should be odd to buy wine only from the WS . I only buy my shirts from the John Lewis Partnership . I see nothing odd about that so why should it be odd that i only my wine from an online shop that a choice of 2000 wines to choose from .


a point worth noting when many think anyone will deliver anything

always received a good service from APC (used by BBR)

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What does APC and BBR mean?