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Wine Society Van delivery Vs Couriers

I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER and am allowing my order to be delivered by carrier.NO NEED TO READ THE REST OF THE MESSAGE.
Today O ordered 12 bottles of wine and everything was ok untill i got to delivery. Normally my delivery is by wine society van .I then found the only deliveries were by carrier . I exhausted all the dates they had and there were no deliveries by wine society van. There was no mention of wine society deliveries by WS van no longer available. So I have sent membership services an email enquiry.
I have read in the society community of members suffering breakages by carrier delivery. So my mind is against the carrier.So it will be interesting to see when normal service will resume. Alternatively i bite the bullet and try the carrier or go back to buying my wine at Sainsburys

This was answered in the other thread about the reopening. For the time being their are using couriers rather than the wine society vans. All part of the plan to reopen despite everything going on.

I had an absolutely perfect experience with DHL today, in fact they delivered 3 days earlier than expected!


The issue around society vans was explained by the staff and community managers in the thread about reopening.

No society vans ever in the city I’m in (and I’m not even that far from HQ!) - I’ve never had a breakage from the society or any other wine merchant I use. From the society it can be Fedex, DHL or UKMail and they’re all fine.

If you do get a broken bottle you will get a refund or replacement, not just if you order from the society but from any merchant.


thanks for that

Thanks for that my fault for not looking in the discussion.

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To be fair those threads got really long so easy to miss.

Honestly don’t worry about the couriers. It will 99% be fine and I’m sure if it’s the 1% that isn’t the society will make it right.


Whilst TWS vans and delivery staff are excellent (one lives in the next street to me) I have never experienced a problem with any of the carriers that have delivered my WS orders. I think some members just want the kudos of their neighbours seeing a WS vehicle outside their house etc. just like those who shop at Asda and pack their goods into Waitrose bags!

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The last time I had a TWS delivery, the vehicle was a new purchase, and so showed up as a white van with no TWS logo. I was mortified being seen to get my wine from white-van-man :wink:


And I’ll often shop in Waitrose using Aldi bags… There’s just no way of knowing what this pesky Middle Class person would do next… :v:


This member just wants the ‘kudos’ of knowing it will arrive within a very narrow time window on the stated date, and will not go missing in action, turn up the following day when no one is in, or have all twelve bottles broken if you believe that.


Blimey! Bad luck.

Bad Fedex!

I shop in Morrisons using a Booths bag


That’s right! In the words of the late Prince - Let’s go Crazy! :smiley:

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Out here in the rural hinterlands, we only ever get couriers.
No problems with FedEx, DHL or UK Mail. Thank goodness TWS don’t use Hermes!

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I am left wondering, apart from the semantics of having sparklingly clean vans and wizard drivers, what is the benefit of having one’s own fleet of vehicles? Surely the cost is something the WS could do with offloading. Wouldn’t it be more financially efficient?

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It has baffled me for several years now why anyone would want to take on a massive financial burden in order to gain control over semantics. But, hey, it’s what people want.

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I live in Wales, beyond the reach of the Society vans. Past carriers have caused the odd problem but I’ve had excellent service from the current one. Give them a go!

Where I live in the Highlands is well out of range of the TWS vans and also most of the big name couriers (they hand over to local couriers who do the final delivery). So far, in the four years I’ve been a member, I’ve only had one breakage (he says, frantically touching every bit of wood in sight) and that, fortunately, was still in stock and quickly replaced by TWS. I do worry, though, particularly about EP deliveries that are unlikely to be easily replaceable.

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Don’t worry about a carrier. I live in Yorkshire and have been a member for over 20 years and have had probably over a hundred deliveries with only ever one broken bottle, replaced of course with no fuss.

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