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Wine Society: The Movie


Well…on the telly anyway.

I’ve watched a good few documentaries and information programmes on wine recently on YouTube and I was wondering if the WS had ever produced something similar?

If not then I think it would be excellent for the WS to produce a film – There could be few other organizations with such good networks to gain access to some real juicy content!

It could be

  • Oz and James May-like for a particular region or varietal with comparison and contrast between regions
  • Fly on the wall-like with a year in the life of a producer
  • More business such as the state of the wine market – What we are buying, how much are we drinking, taxation, trends etc
  • A history of the British and wine – Must be plenty of good anecdotes (See “Order, Order! The Rise and Fall of Political Drinking” by Ben wright)
  • More technical – How to make wine, types of wine, how to serve, posh vs high street

I this would be a fab idea, either as many shorts or a feature-length documentary.


Great ideas and definitely something that I believe @Ewan would be keen on in his professional capacity as “the (PR) dude”

In some ways we could develop content and conversations through this medium in the first instance, by starting conversations, getting lots of members and experts involved, then deciding which ones should be taken further.

“Wine TV” is a hard thing to get right, especially if you want it to appeal to non-experts as well but I’m up for the challenge if you are :slight_smile:


I think the human element is a big one. I’m guessing there are some fantastic characters in wine making as well as beautiful scenery. I also think the craft of wine and special touches between one maker and another is fascinating. With YouTube you’re broadcasting to the converted in whatever niche you’re covering so I’m sure they’ll be forgiving.


I am a sceptic - basically good TV = bad PR (sorry!)


What about a good start…in 2018 all new producers listed on the ws site have a 30-60s short about them, the region and even a quick tasting of their wines side by side. I think it’s seb (mc at the york tasting) would be a fab presenter and I’m sure a volunteer to co-present could be found