Wine Society suspends delivery not aceptable

What the hell is the society doing suspending deliveries?
Have sent complaint to Customer Services The society’s managing director is not fit to lead this organisation following this decision. I don’t suppose members services will bother to reply to mne

This is another example of the society run for the benefit of staff and not members
I have been very critical of the management and selection of wines over the years and I thought the society had at last moved into the 21 century and was prioritising members thus is not so

There is no risk for home deliveries if properly managed the big 6 supermarkets plus, Aldi Wine & Amazon are still delivering so why not the society please explain the criteria?
Home deliveries from On Line Shopping are allowed under the new rules introduced by the government this week

As someone who is self isolating I was about to place an order with the Society and this is a great inconvenience to me that I have had to make alternative plans

Have now placed orders with Majestic , Vinnatis & Hard to find Wines to see me through my isolation period. In deed I have received 5 deliveries from Amazon this week

I have no confidence in the society meeting my current and future needs will be looking not to use the society again
The society needs a massive shake up to bring it in to the 21st century and this decision is unacceptable. The management and staff don’t seem to get it, Without members buying
wine from the society the business will close completely

I am disgusted at the way this great organisation is managed and is not fit for purpose of supplying wine to customers . I am sure I am not the only member disgusted at the way the Wine Society has reacted to the Covid 19 Crisis


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you are free to buy your wine elsewhere