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I have just asked to fill up a survey regarding my views about the web site content. I find the members reviews very influential as to what i buy . If there are a number of reviews that are bad i wont buy the wine. If the reviews are a mixture of good and bad then i might try one bottle first. I only drink wine with food so dont see the point of buying a wine that costs more than say £12.


“Doesn’t compute”.



I predominantly only drink wine with a meal (exc. breakfast) - I find it is part of the social occasion of enjoying good food with friends and family (colleagues and clients too)

So why not spend more than £12? Is that just your personal price cap (which I can understand people have a financial limit on activities) or is it that you don’t perceive spending a little more will return a better wine or an enhanced occasion ?


I tried Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Grand Cras 2015 £13.95. I enjoyed it but i didnt think it was better than the Society’s Beaujolais Villages which is £6 pound cheaper! I drink only with food cant see the point in spending a lot of money. I could if i wanted.


I haven’t tried those wines in the same vintage, but they’re very different. One simple and fresh, the other quite deep and complex. The morgon would certainly be a food wine at that age. I know which i’d be buying and drinking.


If i am drinking with food I have the taste of the food in my mouth and the drink just complements the food. Apart from the occasional Martini I only drink with a meal.


I only drink wine when i eat. Therefore i am not analyzing the wine to the extent that apparently some people are on this site . I am enjoying the food the conversation and then the wine. As i said i tried a £13.95 wine which ,thought nice ,i did not enjoy much more than the wine £6.00 cheaper. I suspect most members of the wine society do not buy expensive wines . That is explained by the fact that their are lost of wines under £12. If you send me another question on this subject i will ignore it. As i think this discussion has passed its sell by date!


I don’t think there is any right or wrong answer here - we all experience wine differently. A lot of my family would agree with you. They can’t understand why anyone would spend more than £10 on a bottle. I was brought up like this but I’ve since been led astray by this community. I now notice a huge a difference in the quality of wines I drink - particularly in the £10 - £20 region.


i have only tried one expensive wine. I dont know about you but my life is full of things to do and drinking wine is just a tiny area of interest.


If anything i actually think some of my most expensive wines are best drunk with food…


Which one did you try ? Did you enjoy it? Was it a TWS wine ?


I think you have to accept the rapidly diminishing returns as wine gets more expensive. Perhaps an £8 wine might be twice as good as a £4 one, but it’s unlikely that a £20 wine is twice as good as a £10 one, and even more unlikely that a £30 one is three times as good. (However you measure quality!).


I had a bottle of jean-Marc Burgaud Morgon Grands cras 13.95 in the Beaujolais page in the printed catalog.It was very nice but not special enough to want to buy it again. but i did not enjoy it more than the Societies Beaujolais villages which is £6 cheaper. I AM NOT NOT COMPLAINING. But i dont see the point in drinking an expensive wine with food.


I think this thread is simply a case of each to his/her own - we drink according to our palates, our wallets, our situation, our company, our mood, our food … that’s the beauty of it.


Thanks for that .I enjoy drinking the wine i buy from the society. However whats just as important is the Wine society culture. Having a great choice of wines. Reading the information about the wines and discussing subjects on the community blog.


It’s possible that this website is not the most likely forum for people to agree with you… but not to worrry, most of the rest if the world does!


Someone send this man a Golden Bottle!


Apologies, I thought you were talking about a different wine than the Morgan


Ewans summed it up quite nicely but FWIW I’ve had wines that cost £8 that I enjoyed more than wines that cost £15. I’ve also had a lot of very good wine at £15 too.

It’s all our own personal tastes isn’t it.


I’m really glad you feel this way! I also think it would be cool for there to be a few more topics here about some of the more ‘anyday’ wines we sell (e.g ones under £8ish per bottle) because our membership has a wide range of wine-buying habits and tastes so I’d like to make sure everyone that joins this Community can find something they’d enjoy chatting about.

Maybe time for anyone interested to revive these topics:

Or ideally start a few more based around your own favourites/areas of exploration? :smiley: