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Wine Society packing errors

Hi all

I am sure we would all agree that on the whole the service offered by the Wine Society is very good and the customer service is usually very high in quality. That said, I have had a number of recent disappointing experiences resulting mainly from warehouse errors and wanted to see whether others have experienced similar issues.

I placed an order for two bottles of the Tempier rose and a few other things shortly after the Tempier wines were in stock. There was a bottling error and the rose was missed out. Of course after spotting the error, the Tempier rose was out of stock but I was told that it would be somewhere in the warehouse and would be sent separately. Unfortunately, it now appears that they are unable to locate those bottles.

Sometimes bottling errors - and I have been recipient of quite a few - do not cause a problem as the missed bottles can readily be sent again and the Wine Society is usually very good at dealing with these types of issue. However, when the missed bottles are in high demand, as so much of the Wine Society stock is these days, is does represent a real issue and lost opportunity to try that particular wine at all or at that price. Sadly this isn’t the first time I’m missed out on high demand wine due to bottling errors.

I have been offered a substitution but it’s not in the same class and that doesn’t really address the issue as far as I can see.

Interested to hear people’s thoughts and how they think this should be addressed.

Many thanks

I see bottling errors as thing that happen when the wine is being put into a bottle.

If understand correctly, this is a problem with packing. And yes, my last order was for 12 bottles when I opened the box there was only eleven.

And a bottling problem was getting a back label for a different wine – see


thanks Peter, you’re quite right. Topic title changed accordingly. yes I saw your post about your rather unique labelling issue!

My most recent order, three of the four bottles wrong (ok, it was three of the same wine!) This was just a mistake, i think, as the wine that was included was in no way a substitute. It was replaced, eventually, but this process was made much more difficult by the fact that my emails were not seen until 3 or 4 days after they were sent.

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Thanks. Yes I suppose it’s only really a problem when the wine missed out is then out of stock, which is my issue. The Society’s terms do say thst once an order is confirmed, they will replace out of stock items with those of equivalent or greater value at their cost. This hasn’t been offered yet but I’m sure it will be rectified in due course.

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This has happened to me a few times . I think when there is automated picking and something is in the incorrect place this can happen . But I share your frustration when that wine subsequently goes out of stock in the meantime . Have you tried Lay & Wheeler for the Tempier. They also had stock of it .

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I might have found the culprit:wink:



All. Here is an article produced by the warehouse team. I do not believe there is any automated picking and must admit I have not seen one in a drinks business warehouse, particularly where mixed cases are created.
I do not know what the error rate in the warehouse is but would not expect stock pick accuracy to be less than 99.5% and preferably higher in a high performance team. However, having reorganised processes, perhaps replaced some vulnerable staff with temporary staff and perhaps seen some labelling (bar coding rather than wine) and similar problems as a result of wider supply chain pressures it is possible the error rate might rise. Those errors will start to reduce as we return to some sought of normality one hopes.

Only ever happened to me once. I called up, they apologised, sent the correct bottle the next day and let me keep the incorrect bottle. This was all pre covid but I cant fault the service.

Mistakes happen occasionally. With that said I sympathise if its stuff that sells out immediately and then you don’t get what you ordered, i’d be upset too.


Errors happen, something to do with being Human. I also make errors rather too often, so it’s kinda hard for me to expect others to be infallible.


thanks Leah. Yes I’ve tried all the usual suspects but it’s not available. there are a few random sites I can source it from and my suggestion as to the fairest and most appropriate way to deal with this is for me to source the wine I ordered with a third party and pass on the costs to the Wine Society. I’m still waiting for a response.

yep completely get humans are not perfect and mistakes happen etc, etc, but this is more about how best to rectify this type of scenario.

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Mistakes happen, but I’ve had one with a pre-mixed case - https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/HistoricProductDetail.aspx?pd=MX2027 - one of the wines wasn’t a kabinett…
A quick email to Member Services sorted it on this occasion as the missing wine was still available

Hmmm. From TWS, offering you your money back, or offering an alternative , sounds like a very reasonable step. Paying for you to buy the wine elsewhere, at whatever cost, seems to be veering towards punitive rather than remedial. I don’t know all the circumstances but sometimes mistakes just need a degree of forgiveness.


Its happened a few times to me. Has always been a wrong single bottle in a mixed case order. Have always been credited for the missing wine and allowed to keep the wrong bottle.

Human error.


In my 30+ years of membership I’ve never had a packing error.


And long may it continue, tho’ you’re tempting fate :slight_smile:

A phrase from financial services come to mind – past performance is no indicator of future performance

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Don’t think I’ve ever had the wrong wine in an order, in contrast to my courier delivery experiences. That’s in well over 10 years of pretty regular orders.

I once had 6 bottles of a £5.95 Carinena delivered instead of Muga 2015 reserve :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
Needless to say they were picked up and swapped over.


Cbiscuit - I dont wish to put words in TWS’s mouth, but I very much doubt that the ‘contract’ members have with the society includes a clause where TWS is absolutely responsible for replacing un-delivered / wrongly packed wines, up to and including sourcing a replacement from a 3rd party at whatever cost that might be !

In fact… I cant think of any online supplier which makes that promise.