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Wine society Multi case offer 2019


I considered this very good offer. However i decided not to take it up. When i normally order the wine i order mixed cases. of my choice. I drink one bottle of wine a week sharing two bottles with my wife. I store the wine in my kitchen in a wine rack and a cupboard. At my rate of drinking i am going to take a long time to get through 24 bottles of the same wine. So decided it was better to continue buying it when wanted it.


The mixed cases on the back page would give a nice selection. Considering the Savings Exploration Dozen, plus the Savings mixed dozen. That would give us a saving of £35.70 on 24 wines.

Still hard to tempt me away from me away from picking my own wines, but sometimes its good to try the wines you wouldn’t normally choose.


Anyone wants to share the 12 bottles of these wines, please PM me. At the multi case price, 6 bottles each.


Unfortunately not the white for me (the Tahbilk Marsanne was the right choice)- but I hope you find a PiC.


Love that Marsanne, too. Still have 7 bottles of the 2015.