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Wine society Mailing Chewed up in the post


I have just a few minutes ago received the July mailing containing 6 booklets/leaflets and the July -Oct list . All very interesting i am sure and I shall enjoy reading them.
The Envelope was not strong enough and was split in several places when it came through my letter box. Fortunately nothing was lost. Stronger envelope next time. I am glad the WS is still using paper envelopes,but they need to be stronger.


Mine arrived in perfect condition.

It might we worth posting a poll to see if there’s a general problem or whether its local to you.


All fine. Though the list claimed to have burlotto halves…


Mine was perfect …! Must have been the postie @BENEDICTNASH


The top corners of my envelope were a little chewed up, but the contents were fine.


That sort of white paper envelopes easily tears If it has a lot of separate material stuffed into it.


No problem with my delivery, all arrived in perfect condition


Mine had a couple of scuffs, but all held together fine. Straight in the recycling except for the main list.


Mine was fine as well.


Mine was fine and I thought the envelope was robust.


I have asked and asked, can we not move into the 21st Century and receive it all on e mail with appropriate Pdf documents it would save tens of thousands a year in postage and printing costs. We could also read it on the way to work on phones and tablets, etc.


Some may like and want it in paper copy, therefore a general move to soft copy is unlikely to go down well I suspect.

Perhaps an opt in system is required?

Mine arrived fine too, I suspect that @BENEDICTNASH might need to speak to his postie…


the preferences for receiving information is - if I understood correctly fro AMA etc - being looked at as part of the ‘back office’ work going on with all the updates.

for some things a paper copy is the only way…for others a pdf is fine


No one else has posted that the envelope tore, so it doesn’t tear that easily.

From my leafleting days I know that some letter boxes are fierce, with a flap that doesn’t want to open and a taught spring that snaps it back. What’s your like?


All of my post from TWS goes straight in the bin unopened


If that’s the case why not ask them to mark you as email only (or nothing at all)?


Don’t provoke all of us into another series on ‘why can’t TWS offer a choice of mailings’. This has been requested by many members as long as this Community has existed, and until it does the complaints found in other topics that TWS can’t make some changes in the website because others are more important ring hollow. It was suggested at the AGM that it might happen in the autumn, so perhaps we can all hold off until then.


Is that an option?


Yep! Just email or phone them. What you can’t do, yet, and why i haven’t done this myself, is to specify which types of mailing you want my post, email etc, but that’s coming in the near future. But you can certainly opt out of all postal mailing very easily.