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Perhaps I have missed a category of event but during this lockdown period I think the Society could perhaps look at combining some of the events to present a more cohesive format.

It is great that there are several types of events going on, remote tastings, Q&A’s but the format of these events seems, dare I say it, slightly old fashioned in that they involve refreshing the forum as they are ongoing in real time. I might be the only one but I do not find these types of events particularly engaging but I think there is a broadly simple solution.

Take for instance, the Lunch with a Buyer: Pierre Mansour, on Tuesday 26th May, 1-2pm. Questions will be submitted in advance and on the day, questions will be answered between 1 and 2pm all the while the community also chats in the same thread. It tends to make the format quite unwieldy to read back and also not particularly visually appealing.

Would it not be possible to update these events, perhaps hold them in an evening and allow Members to log into a Zoom video chat (or similar) where, for instance, Pierre can be chatting with someone from the Wine Society who puts the questions which have been received to him in a conversational way on the video feed and he can answer them on the video. Time permitting, the conversation could be transcribed in the future and once the call is complete it can also be uploaded to Youtube for posterity. You could even combine such a video event with a tasting where Pierre and WS Members open up the same bottle of wine(s) and in addition to the questions which are being asked, they can also chat about the wine whilst the people watching the video call also taste it at home and chat about it simultaneously on the forum.

It could just be me, but I’d be more interesting in joining such an event and I think it could really play to the strengths of the Society and even if you are not available on the evening it takes place, the video can be packaged up in such a way that it can be subsequently enjoyed by Members who were not able to view it live.

For work, I have joined a number if video conference calls where the hosts (remotely) discuss a specific issue with a panel of speakers and it works very well. Anyone who wants can log into the call and watch the feed.

I think the events being organised are really interesting, I just think the presentation aspect of them could be improved and that a few different events can be combined into a really good event. For instance, a event where some Australian wines are tasted could be combined into a video event where the Australian buyer is present to not only discuss the specific wines being tasted but also answers questions which have been received by Members. You’d end up with a really interesting video chat which could easily archived on the WS site and would likely remain relevant for a long time to come.

Anyway, these are just my two cents!


While I get where you’re coming from, I like the text format. I’m still working (well, not this week) and it means I can still be involved.

Also there are other zoom and instagram live based talks and tastings from the Society that fulfil the sort of event you’re suggesting e.g. last Friday when @Freddy was chatting to Matthew on Friday and released the Bin series 5 on Instagram (a similar thing happens every Friday), or the Rioja Zoom with Pierre and several producers which was mentioned a lot during the community lunch. In addition there’s already the “Drink with Marce” videos and several other bits and pieces.

I don’t think this is a case of either/or and the Society is covering plenty of bases!


Yeah, I’m sure you’re correct. It is almost a case of too much going on in to many different formats.

Perhaps there just needs to be a simple explanation for what is going on. For instance, I’d no idea about the reveal of the Bin Series 5 on Instragram and have no idea how to access this content now.

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This is a downside to Instagram Live - I have a feeling it’s only there for 24 hours and then goes.


Hello! To be completely honest, I agree with this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We really ramped things up at the start of lockdown - across Tastings, Community and social - because everyone was at home and in need of distraction and entertainment, and we wanted to provide as much interactive wine-based fun as we could. :slight_smile:

We also wanted to provide this in as many formats as we could - some people prefer video, some people prefer social, some people prefer our traditional #TWSTaste informal chats etc. That also answers your question about why we didn’t do Lunch with a Buyer on Zoom - we’d been doing buyer Q&As here on the Community for two years and they’ve always been popular (and having answers in written form helps with adding links and having something people can easily check back and read/search for) - but if you prefer video Q&As check out the Buyer Masterclasses as that’s pretty much exactly what you’ve described! :smiley:

We’d planned events up to the end of June to cover all bases and because that seemed likely to be when lockdown might start to be scaled back, and from July there’s going to be less.

I hope this’ll help - pretty much every event is listed all in one place on our Tastings calendar here. We’ve also advertised events in every Discovery email we’ve sent (the content round-ups that have been going out to most members twice or three times a week) and across social media - but the calendar is a nice constant place to find everything. :slight_smile:


@CL1904, also have a look below, this is a WIKI of events from TWS
TWS Winemaker virtual tastings and chat


Cheers! I must admit, I hadn’t thought to check the tastings page so feeling pretty stupid now. That’s exactly what I had in mind! I thought it was only the events publicised here that were going on.

Now I’ve seen the tastings page it looks like there is lots of good content to look forward to.