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Wine Soc Mead


I do enjoy a drop of mead and according to today’s Guardian it is quite “on trend” (that’s a first for me). Not so easy to get hold of though. Does Wine Soc have any plans to source some good examples for members? I use the wine strength stuff as a rather different dessert wine, and would like to try some beer strength for quaffing.


Funny you mention mead! The husband has always been curious about it, so a couple of weeks ago we ended up buying one (a ‘Christmas spiced’ version) in a National Trust property we were visiting.

When I looked it up, turns out it’s made by the Lyme Bay Winery, so it’s this one, just dressed as the NT mead.

At 10%, sounds like it’ll be a nice addition to our sweet Christmas wines, so I’m actually quite curious about trying it too now!

Ps - “aphrodisiac properties” a bonus! :wink:


I had totally forgotten about Mead. I have a bottle of it in my drinks cupboard, the only thing is it has been opened and it must be at least 7/8 yrs old. I wonder???


sorry, slight off topic

I have had their Chardonnay this year at a tasting and I was blown away by it. Best English still wine I had so far.

Waitrose do stock their products, including the meads.


There was a piece on BBC Breakfast this morning about mead. Wasn’t taking notice as preparing for the day, but it will be on catch up.


I remember your post about it, @szaki1974! Maybe because you were so blown away by it! I definitely need to check that winery out - I always end up buying English wine from Sussex… Time to cast the net a little wider! :blush:


I had some mead in my 20s once. My head stayed sober while my legs got drunk, which was fine until I tried to stand up.


Who knows, you may end up discovering “an English wine aged to perfection” …


Thank god the “aphrodisiac properties” of it did not kick in! :wink:


No doubt exactly what my housemates were thinking… :open_mouth:


I love this phrase! :joy: This is exactly what happens when I drink a sloe gin fizz (or two) at Christmas…

Meads do seem to be growing in trendiness - I’ll pass this feedback on, but for now it looks like there’s a few good examples being recommended here already. :smiley:


Oh I love a slow gin fizz … is it Friday yet ?? :wink:


Funny the same thing happened to me at an end of season wine club BBQ. I was fine until I got on my bike to go home and promptly fell off!


I can recommend Northumberland Honey Co’s ‘floral mead’ (the still one). First had it at a Michelin starred place, served in an earthenware cup, and reminded me of a cross between Mead and Sake. Very, very drinkable. The same people do a variety of sparkling ones too - which are very attractively branded, and well made, but not to my taste…or at least, for the money, there are other things i would go for.


As far as I know, Lyme Bay concentrate on making wine and do not grow their own grapes. Buying in on a cooperative basis. Therefore I’m a little surprised that the price is at that level.
Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong.


Therefore you pay a £4 premium just to have a NT label.


I do not know much about the background, can only comment on the particular bottle tasted, which I did not pay for. What captivated me was the purest white peach I have tasted. You are right the price is high.


“I don’t like to talk about my charity work” :wink:


I’ve tried all of their Mead including the sparkling and I just could not force myself to take another sip of the sparkling. The price is up there with Champagne and to be honest I don’t know who is buying the stuff apart from Blackfriars in Newcastle. The still, as you’ve said is palatable but I still wouldn’t part with my cash for a bottle.


Tried the still at this place https://www.blackswanoldstead.co.uk
Thought it worked really well as part of a tasting menu (can’t remember what we had it with), where it was nice to have something a bit different for one course. When it’s on offer at £15 I think it has something to offer those who are into that sort of thing. I agree that price on the sparkling is something else…