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Wine snobbery: an insider's guide to the booze business


Hi all
I have just finished a tremendous book of the above title…a history of pretty much the entire wine industry, marketing, skullduggery, technical changes, fashions. The writer pitches a great balance between information and opinion. It’s a 1988 publication so it’s also a journey back in time :slight_smile:

Free to a good home as i don’t think a charity shop would want it…and it’s too good a book for another ws member not to read it!


For a fun read of the skullduggery side, but highly amusing fictionalisation, have you read this book?

Would make a great wine-related Xmas gift for someone (or yourself)


Thanks @robert_mcintosh i’m such a nerd that i will definitely buy this today haha


Thanks to your suggestion I have now just completed several purchases on Amazon including some obscure 70s french wine and food books, cordon bleu food and wine matching, the academie du vin and wset books (old editions) for the princely sum of 99p! (Delivery added a tenner!)


that’s a shrewd piece of business


Just finished it. Very funny. I hope some of it is true.


I suspect that a little TOO much is true :wink: