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Question for all.
Why don’t more people post their wine reviews in TWS reviews option on the wine description page. I see so many great reviews on many threads in the community but this doesn’t translate to what I want to see when actually placing an order.

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once a wine is out of stock, I don’t think you can post a review anymore. That’s a frequent case.

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Yes I would say that less than a quarter of what I buy from TWS is drunk whilst still in stock. And notes I post here are part of a reciprocal exchange of information which offers more feedback than the website. Also because of what I do for work I choose to be partly anonymous but still contribute here.


Agree with both responses, but in addition entering the review in two places, having sought out the wine, takes more time. Of course, connecting community reviews to wine reviews might resolve this.

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Secret agent ?? MI5? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:
I agree with the above comments and whilst I have left reviews, quite often the wine is no longer available when I go to drink it, this is my review of Rapsani though … I like it … A LOT!


I have to admit I often just forget! Or I’m too sozzled to think of the right words.
I often post on Instagram to my meagre band of followers when I’ve been dead impressed with a bottle, or again when I remember.
I have to say I always enjoy your reviews Gabriel, both on TWS pages and Vivino!

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Thats not my experience. I wrote a review on a wine that I was disappointed with. By that time the wine was no longer available. My review was published. The dear old WS gave me a credit note under the Terms of their Guarantee,