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Nice one, I’d forgotten about this wiki. I haven’t always been an avid reader but at the moment I’m looking for new kindle downloads. Great timing!

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Two years ago, as part of an organised wine tour, we visited Chateau Feely in Saussignac near Bergerac and met Caro Feely, a South African lady, who together with her husband set up their vineyard some years ago. Last year we visited her again, this time as private individuals. Caro is one of life’s enthusiasts: her commitment (and knowledge) of biodynamic farming is utterly convincing. And they produce some stunning wines! She has written three highly entertaining, enjoyable and readable accounts of their story, all of which I would recommend. In order, they are “Grape Expectations”, “Saving our Skins” and “Glass Half Full”. They gave a fascinating insight into the life and labours of vine growing and wine production.


@inbar - err yes. It’s a tremendously important variety being the parent with Pinot Noir of so many of the ‘noble’ grape varieties. Very little is grown, but Chambers in Australia have a row or two and make a varietal Gouais Blanc which I tasted at the winery and brought a bottle home.

Thanks for the suggestion @Johnpeck. I have put on my Amazon wish list. Not sure about the follow ups which get some poor reviews tho’

Alpine Wines also sell one, which is on my ‘got to give it a go once’ list (together with their Mondeuse Blanc):


I could get a case at that price :laughing:

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Yep! ‘Switzerland’ and ‘bargain’ are not words you often see together. Perhaps never… :thinking:

I really enjoyed this. Had the opportunity to meet Steven a few times since then, the last being at his property in Dorset (Bride Valley) this summer.


I bought “Wines from another Galaxy” written by the owners of the wine bar “Noble Rot” the book is wonderful. They have searched out pioneers and rebels who have trodden a tough path. One great example is Laura Laurenzo in NW Spain. A lady who is tough and determined. They have included Greek winemakers from Naoussa and also top Chenin blanc from the Loire. I have discovered new Chablis makers and Outstanding Beaujolais completely different from the nouveau dross.
Go and buy this book. It is a refreshing revelation. It has set me on a path of adventure and discovery that is a welcome relief from convention and narrow dullness.


Reminds me of Adventures on the Wine Trail.

Thought this thread may be worth a bump and to share that I’ve just received an email offering up to 40% off the selection of wine books from the Classic Wine Library. I bought Matt Walls’s excellent Rhône book last year and tempted by the Greek or Northern Spain book this time.

Not used the code yet but it’s BIGSUMMEROFFER

Offer ends tomorrow night


Perfect timing, have been considering the Rhone volume. Many thanks.

And a very good read it is too! :+1:

Recommendation enough for me. Thank you.

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Many thanks for the tip. Four books ordered!

Order summary

Amarone and the fine wines of Verona × 1 £35.00
The wines of Greece × 1 £35.00
The wines of northern Spain × 1 £35.00
The wines of South Africa × 1 £35.00

Discount (BIGSUMMEROFFER) £-56.00

Subtotal £84.00
Shipping £0.00

Total £84.00 GBP


I really enjoyed the Amarone book and found it very useful - just need to find a reliable source of Amarone now as it appears to be rather elusive in the UK

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That’s another cracking one. One of my favourites from the series - especially for the really thoughtful passages about inequality in wine production/land ownership in South Africa, and how hard the industry is working to remedy this.

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I have read quite a few of these. I thought they were all worthwhile, in different ways, but some better than others, and some were updates of the Mitchell-Beazley editions, though those with the most modest updates were I think the real classics, like Jeffs on Sherry, and worthy of republishing if only for that reason.

Of the ones mentioned above, I’ve only read the Greek one, and can definitely recommend it. Reviews of others can be found on my blog, winenous.co.uk. Ask here if you have specific questions.

Disclosure - most or all (I’m not sure) of these books were sent to me as review copies


A- ha! I seem to recall your name appearing on the Wines of Austria book as a reviewer (I think…?). :grinning:

Guilty as charged :frowning:

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