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Wine related books WIKI



I was thinking there has been a lot of wine related book recommendations in the community, so perhaps would be good to maintain a WIKI of what is out there, where everybody is invited to add their favourites through editing this original post. I am thinking categories and the alphabetical by title with short description and perhaps a link (to elsewhere in the forum or externally). I have added some I enjoyed.


A Long Finish: An Aurelio Zen Mystery - Whodunit with a little insight into Barbaresco. (@szaki1974)
Broke the Grape’s Joy - Bitter-sweet mystery featuring owner of a St Emilion vineyard (@peterm )
The irresistable inheritence of Wilberforce - Listened to the audio book, found it entertaining with some clever twists and a narrative going backwards in time. (@szaki1974)
The vintage caper - Another detective story this time spanning continents. (@szaki1974)
Corkscrew - The highly improbable, but occasionally true, tale of a professional wine buyer. - highly amusing and tongue-in-cheek (@robert_mcintosh)
The Dark Vineyard - Martin Walker - The second book in the “Bruno, Chief of Police” series, whole series (10 books?) is set in the Perigord with local food & wine referenced throughout. (@Alchemist)

Non fiction - Documentary

Sour grapes - All you want to know about Rudi Kurniawan (@szaki1974)
The billionaire’s vinegar - Quite engaging story of wine fraud before Rudi (@szaki1974)
Thirsty Dragon - fascinating insight into the effect of Chinese business and culture on the international wine market [written by a friend of mine] (@robert_mcintosh)
Cork Dork - Bianca Bosker - A former tech journalist’s tale of going from wine-novice to sommelier. Entertaining and enlightening read. (@hippyhappyharry)

Non fiction - Travel

Adventures on the wine route - Kermit Lynch’s book is a esential read on French wine and the discovery of some of today’s great names like Marcel Lapierre, Tempier, Clos Rougeard and others. A delightful journey through France’s wine country. (@Juan)
Palmento - Robert V. Camuto’s book explores Sicily’s wines, the people behind them and the social and cultural importance of their work. (@juan)
Bursting Bubbles - All you wanted to know about Champagne and some you did not (@wineyg)

Non fiction - Wine knowledge

first big crush - American who knows nothing about wine goes to New Zealand to spend a year at Allan Scott Winery where he learns the truth about making wine. This book is not on sale in the Allan Scott gift shop! (@peterm )

Phylloxera: How Wine was Saved for the World - Fascinating and extraordinary story of the tiny bug that almost wiped out the worlds wine, and which changed vine growing for ever. (@peterm)

Salt & Old Vines - Richard W H Bray’s amusing book about making wine in the South of France (@robert_mcintosh) I second this. I finished it yesterday and it’s an excellent informative and evocative read (@peterm)

The Wine Book - Matthew Jukes; perhaps a little old now but a lovely introduction into wines by region with plenty of surrounding topics covered. My first “cover to cover” wine book and still a handy occasional reference (@NickP)

The Oxford Companion to Wine - Jancis Robinson; a reference book for any enthusiast. Seems to be the staple ‘go to’ non fiction wine book (@NickP)

Families of the Vine: Seasons Among the Winemakers of Southwest France by Michael Sanders. Lovely book about making Malbec wine in Cahors. @JayKay

To Cork or Not to Cork - An authoritative investigation into the various wine bottle closures, their strengths and weaknesses (@peterm)

Wild Vine, The: A Forgotten Grape and the Untold Story of American Wine - The story of a true American grape that won international wine competitions but is now a rareity. The author reveals the history of American wine before California (in the 1800s the world’s biggest winery was in Augusta, Missouri) and tracks down today’s growers of the wonderful Norton, one of whom has a surprising personal story. (@peterm)

Non fiction - Other

The miracle brew It’s about beer (@robert_mcintosh)

Where do you get your information from?
Favourite wine (or food) related books?

I can’t believe I didn’t see this threat before! I was just searching for book related threads as I thought about starting a discussion on the matter; what people have read and what wine related literature some of you might have found.

So, above is the original post with some additions of my own on the travel section.

Anyone any more additions? Or recommendations?


The first post is a WIKI, which means that any member can edit it and add content. I have moved your excellent suggestions up, and will hide the duplicate :slight_smile:


I see!!! Nice one. Thanks @robert_mcintosh!!


I have just added Bursting Bubbles to the WIKI


This thread is a great idea. I’ve added a couple, but more importantly I’m off shopping for some that have been recommended!


I’ve just bought it :woman_facepalming:t3::wink:


Looking for recommendations of anything in print or podcasts specifically on Greek grapes and wines . I know the basics but looking to expand on what WSET teaches so wondered if anyone had any suggestions for books? Thanks :pray:


Wines of Greece by Konstantinos Lazarakis is a good book, but was published in 2005 and is quite out of date now. The Greek appellation system, for example, has been totally overhauled since then, and is now in line with the rest of the EU.

Otherwise, the only one I know of is The Vineyards and Wines of Greece 2017: Decoding the land of Dionysis, by Yiannis Karakasis. I reveiwed it here:

It has its faults, but with my interest in Greek wines I found it worthwhile.


Thank you Steve, I’ll have a look at both of these and read your review .:+1:


If I’m not mistaken, a second edition of the Lazarakis book was published this year.


Yes , you’re right thank you, was published in January. Good to know as it should be very up to date :+1:.


Hi - for the Burgundy fans (or general wine fans like most of us) out there, an FYI that quite a sought after book on the region is now back in stock available through BBR. Written by the great Jasper Morris who has been based out there for years, this was released a few years ago in a limited self published style run (much like the infamous Pomerol book by Neil Martin, which I’m yet to track down), and went out of stock very quickly. However it’s back in for a second run. Not cheap at £50 however it’s an absolute tome and a beautiful book. It arrived with me today and what a gem. The USP of the book is he focusses on the vineyards themselves and the characteristics rather than producers. Worth a look


Hi Leah

Just noticed the Greek book follow-up posts. Did you get the second edition, and did it seem properly up to date?

I ask because some of the recent updates in this series are rather superficial. If you have yet to buy it, and being up to date is important to you, it might be worth trying to check first.


Hi Steve, I haven’t ordered it yet, keep meaning to so thanks for the heads up .


I’ve just added some books to the Wiki. I tried to list them in alphabetical order, but existing entries aren’t

As more books are added to the Wiki I think it will help if they are in alphabetical order in their sections and books that start with The are listed with The at the end and so ordered by their second word.

Thus I have shown my suggestion The Wine Vine as Wild Wine, The

I didn’t like to change entries made by others, but if the thread starter agrees perhaps @szaki1974 would do so?


I think it is a good suggestion, so please feel free to rearrange. Alternatively, I can do it in September when I am at an actual computer.


Look forward to October 2019