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Wine rack disaster


The self assembly wine rack !
I love the wine society who have provided me with excellent wines, service and literature over the last 30 or so years.

But members beware, the self assembly wine rack is not what you would imagine ! Consisting of around 100 individual wooden soldiers , multiple linking metal straps and scores of nails this really is much more than one would expect of a self assembly task. The job would require a work bench and hours of patient work by someone who is already quite handy. The C-WB80399 should come with a warning STIFF DRINK REQUIRED !
As always the society have been great and will take this back but it means another day waiting and I will have to go elsewhere for my wine rack !
I am posting this comment so that members know what they will be getting into if they order one of these horrors.


oooh, sorry to hear that :frowning:

I’ve not tried building one of these myself, but can imagine it could be tricky - and not something you want to take a risk with potentially falling down!

I personally am not a big DIY kind of person, but do take some perverse pleasure in building certain things (I even like putting together IKEA furniture … I know, a freak!) so not sure what I would have made of this.

Did you take any pictures?

I wonder, has anyone else here tried building one of these?


It could have been worse … when I first read the title, I had something like this in my head:


Yes, not the easiest item to assemble. Best advice is to just give up with the included parts and buy a load of screws and just use brute force with a screwdriver to assemble the thing.


I built a 15 bottle one and it was bad enough, I’m struggling to imagine how terrifying the sight of a 90 bottle one would be!


Thanks for those comments. Imagine 90 wooden soldiers to be connected by nails and multiple metal straps ! I simply closed the box, put it in the hallway and opened a bottle of wine ! It’s being collected tomorrow.
I wonder, am I the only one who finds accessing the WS site a bit challenging, share numbers, email address, password for the society and a further password for the community then a memorable name. Anyway, finally accessed this page to reply.
No matter as I am a great WS fan, the products, service and literature are fabulous. Happy Xmas to all.


It probably would be hard to manage - I have no idea, as my phone and computer remember the login details for me so I don’t have to!


once you are set up, you only need to know your share number OR your email address, and your password

Logging in to the community is via the main site, so it has no extra password.