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Wine rack and accessories - best buys

I was considering giving that a go, mostly to make a halves rack and a magnums rack, which seem pretty difficult to get hold of.

Not difficult to do 1x1 & 1x2 timber, the top and bottom are made from wood used to make stair risers. Sizes can be easily adjusted. I have another one 5 wide by 18 high to fit in a space at the end of my fitted wardrobe. Worst part is cutting all the wood up.


I use these, they’re great! Wish they did one for halves though :smiley:

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I have a wine rack that I bought from TWS. These racks are widely available in a number of sizes and are called RTA wine racks. (RTA hold the patent) In terms of storage capacity they are the most efficient and can be joined together to make mega -sized racks. I have no problem with stripping labels - just be careful when placind/removing bottles from the rack.
You might get a better deal by buying from a catering supplier rather than a retail shop. Heaton Catering wine racks Make sure that the racks have diagonal joins at the corners to provide lateral stability (n.b. the John Lewis illustration does not show this but maybe they didn’t bother when putting them together for the photo)
In an earlier habitation (! not a house but a large basement in a School where I worked) I had a rack of the RTA type bought from TWS which was double depth so that each slot took two bottles. I have not seen any of these recently.


They are too long to fit, so you have the cut them, but you don’t have to cut them the full width of a bay. A round bottle in a square hole won’t have its label touching the corners.

I don’t know, I didn’t buy any especially, just used the ones I had at home accumulated over the years, I took them from reports I no longer needed. I would guess the smaller ones as the damage is done by the metal edge, and as long as that is covered then there is no damage.


It’s amazing how small a 72 rack is could do with a couple more lol


I needed an additional wine rack and decided to buy one from Heaton catering equipment
They were quick to take the money and acknowledged my order but unfortunately they do not mention of any approx delivery date .
Be warned as I made the mistake of not reviewing the comments on trust pilots. Take a look before ordering
I am still waiting for a response from them. Living in hope that they will deliver… sigh