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Wine rack and accessories - best buys

I have recently come to purchase a wine rack for a Christmas gift and was mortified to see that TWS no longer sell their wine racks. I know these were the source to a lot of crushed fingers and bruised egos, but I have 2 of the 90 bottlers and they have been fantastic (once you have the blighters up).

So, given that TWS racks are no longer an option, I’d be over the moon if I could find the same level of quality for such great prices. What would other members recommend? I shall set this post as a wiki which hopefully will be useful for anyone else looking for a good solution.

Wine racks

Rack Size Description PRICE Notes URL
12 bottle
16 bottle John Lewis Mixed colours available £33.00 Self-assembly https://www.johnlewis.com/rta-freestanding-wood-wine-rack-16-bottle/dark-pine/p4867809
20 bottle Any success with these? £28.00 Assembled https://www.wineware.co.uk/fully-assembled-wooden-wine-rack-natural-pine-galvanised-steel-20-bottle
24 bottle Metal frame Ikea £25 Stackeable to give 48btl from 2 racks https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/omar-bottle-shelf-galvanised-30069762/
~45 bottle
72 bottle Wooden block construction £54.99 Nice aesthetic rack, un-varnished https://tinyurl.com/y5jo9gql
~90 bottle Similar to TWS racks ~£80 Look for deals https://www.amazon.co.uk/RTA-Bottle-Natural-Galvanised-Assemble/dp/B006OZER54
Many sizes RTA (TWS racks under another name) various (competitive) https://www.heatoncateringequipment.co.uk/barware-c1359/wine-racks-c2741/rta-m243

If anyone from TWS is watching - bring back the accessories! I have TWS ships decanter, magic balls, wine racks, glass cloths, the list goes on. All were very reasonably priced and of the highest quality. I rented Glassware for my wedding and think this is one of the small bits which makes TWS so great!

This is a wiki - if you have suggestions please add to the table, or make your own new table for other accessory types!


I have a largeish TWS wine rack but I would say the only problem I have with that style of rack is the if you are a little too quick taking the bottles in and out they can do a remarkably efficient job of stripping the label off.

Anyone have experience of something like this:

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Here is the offending article - £44 when last purchased in 2016!

And yes @MikeFranklin, I have learnt to take care moving bottles in and out as I stripped a number this way!


Yes that’s the one I have in my hall (which living where I do never gets above 20C). Don’t get me wrong it’s great value storage for the money but I do keep thinking I’d like something a little more aesthetic! That wooden one quite appeals; a little less storage for the money (on the current cut price) but quite appealing visually.

I have the TWS racks too and do damage labels sometimes, but then I’m only going to drink the wine anyway! On the other hand you can link them horizontally and vertically which is very handy

That wooden one looks much too nice for the back of the garage - more of a display unit almost. I wonder how much damp might affect it over time.


Yes I wondered that but a lick of varnish or oil would probably fix it and it is quite attractive and that discounted price is not a bad price for 72 bottles.

We bought one of these in dark wood earlier in the year but at half the price shown in my link. Very good

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The Swedish entry…

Nominally 24 botles per rack, but in reality each shelf can be double stacked to give 7 bottle per shelf and 42 total as the metal frame is more than strong enough. Units can be stacked on top of each other as well and the legs have levelling screw feet to avoid the unwanted topple!

in situ…


That is very handy! Looks great for a garage or basement and no label shredding.

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Ah, but how else will I know which bottles I’ve been stroking the most :heartpulse:


Is it fixed to the wall?

Mine isn’t but it is possible to if required. Because the feet can be adjusted, once it is level it’s not going anywhere - and the weight of the wine means its firmly planted. One option would be to raise the front legs ever so slightly so that it very marginally leans against the wall behind it, but not really necessary.

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So long as you stack it sensibly from the bottom up! :rofl:

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Indeed! :smile: It’s effectively what I do - the racks get filled to one level each to begin with, but as the inevitable happens and more wine appears, I start to double up the shelves from the lowest first so the centre of gravity is as low as possible.

The room is in my basement/cellar and has a tiled, level floor. Probably room for about 10 double height sets of racking (800+ bottles) but I have no intention of going there…!!


@MikeFranklin @Andy999 @lorindavies


You can avoid the metal stripping labels by sliding plastic binder strips over them. One binder strip can be cut into three or four pieces as you don’t need the strip along the entire length of the metal. The spine should be on the inside of the rack.


Thanks Peter,

I’m more with @Herbster,

But curious to know how you cut them - do you just use snips? Also is there an advantage to using the 6mm over the 3mm?




I got the 72 bottle like this…ready made too


Made this one myself, not difficult.


Nice work

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