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Wine Quiz Questions


We ran a wine quiz tonight, so thought I’d post some of the questions in case anyone is interested! They’re mostly not very hard as we were trying to be quite accessible!

I’m looking at the Torre de Belem… eating Bacalao…drinking Antao Vaz
I’m walking up the Spanish Steps … eating osso bucco… drinking Arneis


I’m sitting in the Szechenyi Thermal Baths…eating langos…drinking Furmint
I’m lost in the Atacama… eating pastel de choclo… drinking Carmenere
I’m looking at the Lascaux cave paintings … eating cassoulet… drinking Cinsault
I’m psyching myself up to go down the Hahnenkamm … eating spatzle…drinking Roter Veltliner



Ha ha! Great fun before entering the land of nod (and got them all! :blush: phew!) :+1:

  1. Marsala Wine is made on which Mediterranean island?


  1. The town of Jerez which gives its name to Sherry is in which Spanish province?


  1. Which noble grape variety saw a significant downturn in sales following disparaging comments in the film Sideways?


  1. In 2016, which two countries produced the most bottles of wine in the world? (1pt each)

Italy & France

  1. Agiorgitiko is a grape variety from which European Country?


  1. Sercial, Verdelho, Bual and Malvasia are styles of which fortified wine?


  1. What are the grapes used to make champagne? 1 pt for each

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Petit Meslier and Arbane

  1. Which dictator famously had a cellar stocked with Mateus Rose?

Saddam Hussein

  1. In popular myth, whose breast was used as the model for the champagne coupe?

Marie Antoinette

  1. True or False, the largest cork tree in the world is in France?

False- it is located in Portugal and is called Whistler

  1. Which country, which also claims to be the first wine-producing nation on earth, has an alphabet supposedly inspired by the curves of grape vines?


  1. Fronsac is a sub-region of which French wine region?


  1. In which wine does the Corvina grape predominate?

Valpolicella/Amarone etc


I can forget the land of nod! Are there any more…?!!:grinning:


I’d expect nothing less, Inbar!


Fixed - so we can all have a go :slight_smile:


Answers to the last bit are:

Merlot (Myrhh-Low), Chardonnay (Shard on A), Viognier (V on Yay), Furmint (Fur-Mint), Chianti (Key-Ant-Tea), Moscato (Mosque-Cat-Toe), Sauternes (Sew-Turn), Barolo (Baa-Roll-O)


I had these (phew!). Lots of fun :wink:


Sorry but either the answer is wrong, or the question is wrong. The province is Cádiz. So the answer is wrong. But if you want Andalusia to be the answer, then the question needs to be “in which Spanish Autonomous Community?”. Andalusia is not a province, it is one of 17 Autonomous Communities within Spain, is the size of Switzerland, and has 8 provinces in it, of which Cádiz is one. The others are Almería, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga and Sevilla.


In my defence, I didn’t write that one, and I think I just said “region” when I read it out, but you are of course correct. And given that several teams guessed “Catalonia” and one said “Bilbao”, I don’t think it affected anyone’s score!

I actually didn’t type any of them out, just proposed quite a few, so hereby absolve myself of guilt for all errors!


Fun quiz, though!


I couldn’t get past myrrh-moo for the first one!


I still don’t understand the low bit



I’m thinking a line from away in a manger - the cattle are loing apparently. I just couldn’t get moo out of my mind!


I couldn’t stop thinking of Meursault, which really screwed with my head.


I’m not sure anyone there had heard of Meursault, so it would have been a tough one! My without-a-doubt favourite answer of the night was, in response to “I’m lost in the Atacama, eating pastel de choclo, drinking Carmenere. Where am I?”, “Bosnia”.