Wine producers on Ithaca?

We have a fortnight on Ithaca coming up.

I’ve done some Googling and can’t find any. Does anyone have any information?

Don’t think there are any; it’s a pretty small island. But quick ferry, 3 or 4 x daily returns, to Sami on Cephalonia on which there are half a dozen or so. Some indigenous varieties there and interesting wines.

What will you find to do on Ithaca to merit a fortnight there ?

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Thanks. We’ve been to Kephalonia a few times and are aware of the wineries.

I visited about a decade ago and picked up local white wines in plastic bottles. Some were pretty good.


If on Ithaca I would take the Odyssey to read (or perhaps Joyce’s Irish version).

Holiday over. The only island produced wines I found were blends sold in carafe by restaurants. I was told that the village of Perachori made named and bottled wine but a trip there was fruitless. If anyone is interested here is a some information about the wines we drank, in a series of blogs.

Sounds like not much has changed. Did they fill some plastic bottles for you?

Never thought to ask. Wanted to try a range of wines anyway.

Finally I’ve worked it out (obv late to the thread) The Odyssey !