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Wine Podcasts

Hi all,

I travel a lot with work, so always on the look out for good podcasts to listen to.

Does anybody have any good recommendations for wine podcasts?

I’ve not listened myself (keep meaning to) but I know Olly Smith does one called A Glass With where he has different guests on and they chat about wine.


Thanks Catherine, I’ll check it out.

I was going to say the same. There are a number in the US but less relevant overall to UK drinkers.

I have not listened to it, but a friend (Derek Morrison) has started a new podcast called BYO that might be worth exploring as he knows his stuff: https://www.instagram.com/BYOPodcast/

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Great thanks Robert, I’ll give it a listen.

There’s another one featuring a good wine friend of mine, Sam Caporn MW, called It’s The Drink Talking.


@Ewan. This is really good. Thanks for the recommendation!

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I used to listen to some of the Guild of Sommeliers podcasts when I travel and when I was preparing for my level 3 exam. They’re free and quite in depth but some of the interviewees can be quite boring. Enjoy!


This isn’t a wine podcast, but a ‘craft’ beer one, and rather a good one at that. Well worth checking out:


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Ooh, thanks @BertieG23 - as a beer novice myself, this sounds perfectly pitched to someone of my (lack of) expertise! Any particularly good episodes I should pick out to give them a try?

It is really good - it starts from the very basics, and yet features really interesting guests and beer recommendations, so something for every level. Good that it’s produced by two women, too - it helps to break down some of the stereotypes around beer.

I’d probably suggest starting at the beginning, but I do remember S2E5 ‘Good Old Beer’ being very interesting.

I really enjoy the Wine for Normal People podcast. They have been going for a while so loads of podcasts on all sorts of topics. It’s the best one I have found to date.


Wine skool’d is an alternative style podcast. He’s an American who sounds more like a surfer than a wine buff, but knows his stuff. Couldn’t listen to him all the time as the surfer dude fast talking format would wreck your head :joy: ?But definitely have a listen.

It’s odd, I’ve only just recently got into podcasts (great for the commute, and to fight the terrible tendency to stare at a phone at that cocked-head angle that surely will lead to a uniquely 21st Century injury called “i-neck” or “Android Ache” something similar). And then I thought - I wonder if there are any good wine podcasts. First port of call: the Society’s Community. I was planning to open a topic, but searched for “podcast” first and lo and behold, here it is!

So thanks all for providing some suggestions, which I will explore with relish.

But here’s a thought: why doesn’t the Society have its own podcast? (Google search leads to this disappointment: https://www.thewinesociety.com/news-foodfor-podcast).

Some of our buyers are extremely eloquent and engaging. I wonder if this idea could be taken further…


I’m sure i suggested this on another post. Podcasts provide so much love for your brand, I’m surprised your marketing department haven’t been doing more of this!

You could easily do a 30 min chat show type podcast each week with a discussion about a particular topic in wine making etc then a focus on any new bottles, new offers etc.

It doesn’t have to be flashy, just good engaging conversation and the wine itself!


Completely agree. Glad there’s enthusiasm for this idea.

I think it marks a wider trend in watching things online as television - i love the bbc but struggle to watch it after clearing a back-log of podcasts ftom YouTube.

Looking at the sheer amazing variety and volume of posts on here for topics should keep you going for a year + adventures in a certain region and reports on vintages.

You could also do a tasting session of 2 new feature bottles and crack open something aged and special and give a tutored tasting. Not sure if it’s worth combining it with the TWS community tasting.

Wish i could be on the staff now!


I can recommend this podcast for improvement on wine knowledge and related news



@Amblechops, Ive probably listened to the majority of these by now . Definitely interesting when they have specific producers on.

@Nowt_in_my_glass, I think you could be on to something…:}

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