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Wine pairing - spicy miso salmon


Morning all. I’m struggling to think of a good match for Saturday’s dinner with friends - salmon with Korean chilli and miso. The marinade will be on the conservative side (not too much chilli - don’t want to overpower it). Will probably serve with some sesame brocolli and flatbreads. Currently thinking about a white with some good acidity but would gratefully receive suggestions :sunglasses:



This sounds fabulous! Any chance of the recipe?? Im also doing salmon for friends on Friday but hadn’t decided what to do with it yet :weary:.
Wine wise, I think this would go great as the aromatics are wonderful and it has a lively acidity:

Or again a nice aromatic wine and not an Alsace :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll take a look at those

Yep, I can certainly share the recipe although I do think my recipe posts on here are starting to resemble more of a BBQ bible than anything else which is why they have been less frequent lately :wink:

Which reminds me, the wine will also be contending with some BBQ smoke…!


I feel like I always say the same thing - but a Grüner Veltliner is great with exotic Asian flavours, and has got a lively acidity which matches the tangy Miso well.

As it happens, I had a tuna and miso, encrusted in sesame seeds last Monday- and it went down really well with this one (the 2018 is now available):

I imagine a Sardinia Vermentino would go just as well.

An Austrian or Alsatian Riesling, or an Assyrtiko should work well too, I think.

Have a lovely dinner! :+1: :grinning:


My suggestion would be a Vinho Verde.


Well in theory it’s almost summer so I’m all ears :yum::wink:!


Riesling Kabinett is delicious with exotic and spicy food, and has lots of acidity to deal with the fatty salmon and rich miso. Had some with sushi, black cod and miso aubergine at a Japanese restaurant recently.


Picking up some themes here, thanks for the ideas!!

Any thoughts on a Pinot Gris? Marlborough origin, apparently old world style


Would also work really well I think once the acidity isn’t too high. The acidity will intensify the chilli heat . Good if that’s what you want though.


Thanks, I’m making sure to keep chilli on the low side anyway to cater for a range of pallets


Pinot noir works great with Salmon Teriyaki so presumably will suit your dish - I have a bottle of Tasmanian PN open at the moment which hits the sweet spot between new world and old. BUT a mainland Oz or Kiwi PN would be too rich - and a Burgundy could be too harsh (possibly an Alsace P.N. ?) - Beware the sesame - its a wine killer!


Good to know, I hadn’t heard this before … I’m allergic to it anyway but that’s interesting thanks @lapin_rouge :+1:!