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Wine pairing for a Galician ribeye


Tomorrow is my milestone birthday, I ordered a nice piece of Gallacian steak. I was going to pair it with Musar 2001 however I haven’t ordered the two prong wine bottle opener in time, so will need to pair it with something from the existing collection.

What I have in my collection includes Maha Malbec, some decent California Pinot, Justin Cabernet Sauvignon and some nice Croatian strong reds (Dingac). I have a Madrian but I just got it last year and I think it needs to rest a bit more.

The Galician rib eye is a fatty steak, old cows I think Pinot is probably too polite for it so looking at Maha Malbec, Cab Sauvignon or Croatian Dingac (which is related to Primitivo and Zinfandel).

I have other wines I am not thinking about so please let me know any ideas.


On the principle of what would a Galician drink, how about a Ribeira del Douero if you have one? Otherwise I reckon the Malbec would be :ok_hand:


I think I would go with the Malbec you referenced.
But where do you source the steak from sounds fabulous ? An online provider?

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Turner & George do a range of Galician cuts and deliver to all UK mainland addresses:



That’s where I sourced the steak. Special occasion :slight_smile:



Do you really need the pronged corkscrew to open the Musar? Sounds like that was the wine you wanted to drink. If you have a decanter and filter funnel (or even a coffee filter paper) you should be able to get it open and in a drinkable state with just a little effort.

I’d go for that in your situation

Edit: those steaks look amazing. What a treat


I’d go with @Brocklehurstj and stick with the Musar anyway. The worst that can happen is you have to decant through a filter but it won’t affect the quality of the wine.

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I’m with @Brocklehurstj, it may be a bid fiddly but it is your milestone birthday, might be a bit fiddly but why not try and have one of the other as a back up. Do you have any Monastrell?? If not then perhaps the Malbec. Happy Birthday!!

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For steak I go with the great red-meat eating countries, Argentina, USA, South Africa.

That means, for me, Malbec, Zinfandel & Pinotage

When at a steakhouse on my own I always have Malbec. Mrs M will not drink Malbec so when we go to our local steakhouse on a Monday (because it’s free corkage then) I’ve been taking a Ridge Zinfandel.


surprised we’re not keeping our old milkers - seems to be a market for them.