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Wine on Social media



I’m a regular visitor to twitter and instagram - I find them great ways to gather info on wine from all different sources; retailers, critics, publications, producers and other wine enthusiasts.

I follow producers that I have visited, critics I have similar “tastes” to, critics I find engaging, retailers I purchase from and some of the more “business of wine” accounts (I’m a bit of a business geek and love to hear peoples experiences of sales and marketing)

My favourites are:
ukwinehour - open discussion each week on a particular subject (twitter)
Berry Bros and Rudd / Fields Morris & Verdin - great visuals (instagram)
Joe Fattorini - great commentator on wine with a humorous edge (twitter / insta)
Tim Atkin - critic - another great commentator and great photographer (twitter/insta)
Chris Kissack - critic - loire specialist (one of my favourite regions) (twitter)
Gavin Quinney - insight from a Brit in Bordeaux (twitter / insta)
Robert Joseph - business angle (twitter)

and TWS…obviously!

Who do you engage with and why ? are their some gems of social media that you want to share?



Ooh great post! I tend to use Instagram predominantly and a few of my faves are:

domainejones - Producer Katie Jones
knackeredmother - Wine writer Helen McGinn
how_to_drink - Wine writer Victoria Moore
food_writer - Food and Wine writer Fiona Beckett


This is interesting, I just wrote a list of who I follow and why , but a good number of them are also members here. I generally don’t know a wine professional who is not a member of tws so I don’t really want to list their insta accounts for fear of invading privacy… Maybe I’m being too pedantic and they’d love the extra followers :rofl:


will have a look at those - thanks


Interesting view…I think if people are on social media with an unlocked account they are open for followers

I can understand not putting “private” members down but those “professionals” in the business I struggle to understand - after all, they appear in publications, have websites, write books, appear on tv etc. social media is just another way of getting their “message” out to an audience.


Social media !!! Qu’est que whotsit ?:innocent::rose::wine_glass:


I think they would love if you listed their insta account… they don’t benefit from anonimity…


Right then, here goes:
@sorcha, founder of UK wine hr on twitter, IG : Awaywithwine
@FranklyWines Twitter : @frankstero IG : Frankstero (Great on Alsace)
@jameshubbard113 Twitter : @JamesHubbard113, IG :JamesHubbard113
@ajurkiw Twitter :@ajurkiw IG: ajurkiw
Amelia Singer Twitter:@amelias_wine IG: amelias_wine
Adrian Smith IG: sypped
@NorthernWrites IG :northernwrites
Sam Caporn IG: the mistressofwine
Helena Nicklin IG: winebird

Just a few to start you off :joy:


Thanks Leah! :blush:


This chat has given me a few more people to follow too, so thanks all!. Absolutely love interacting with wine fans on social media. 1 warning for you all - it’s now the NFL season and my Twitter feed will reflect that!


Great. There are few NFL nuts on the community too. If you haven’t already, popover to this …NFL Thread


Thank you Leah - I’m busiest on Twitter of course, from my personal account @SorchaHolloway - best place to find me!


nice list - I already follow some of those

and I received a new follower from it - thanks @jameshubbard113