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Wine of the day



I feel like we should have a ‘what I’m drinking today’ thread. So here it is!

Really good. You can tell it’s high in alcohol from the nose, and there is some heat to it, but it’s mainly about fruit, spice and some florals. Maybe a bit of lavender? Raspberry and black currant, definitely. Hint of tar. But it’s so smooth. Just a really enjoyable, juicy GSM. Cracking value.

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Yup, probably a good place for generating ideas.

Tonight, I was drinking this:

Fresh and crisp, as you would expect, yet also nicely rounded because of the slight age and the complexity of the wine itself. In fact it managed to stand up to a (bought) Chicken CUrry dish with coriander, so very impressed. Went to visit the winery last year and loved the place, the people and the wines.


I opened up a bottle of this :relaxed:
Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the right thing to go with chilli; the level of tannins and acidity while not major did cause a bit of a mouth burn. Drinking it on it’s own was lovely though, flavours of redcurrant and maybe a bit of sour cherry :cherries:, I’d imagine it would go really nicely with something simple like lamb chops :meat_on_bone: 7/10 would drink again!


Last night for me was this - on the back of some positive reviews here in this community!

I took it to this tiny place down the street from me that cooks handmade pasta to order and is BYOB. The wine’s fruity freshness was a good foil to the aubergine and ricotta in tomato sauce with a chewy Neapolitan pasta. Pretty good Friday evening all in all!


Not this vintage - the 2001. Last bottle of a case of 12. Too much bottle variation but this was one of the better ones, especially on day 2.



That would be amazing! I’m jealous. My favourite (if I recall) was the 2004


Currently have this open but it won’t last long, its medium body but still very fresh and fruity and very easy drinking :smiley:


I received my first case of the new ‘Society’s English White’ yesterday and sampled it last night with salmon and braised fennel.
Delicious. Not too powerful at 11% but the citrusy notes combined well with the fish. Next time it will probably be with smoked mackerel and gooseberry sauce . This combination has worked well with English white wines in the past
Can recommend it strongly.


Is this a "TWS Wine of the day"thread? Drinking a 2011 Les Pelerins de Lafon Rochet. Perfectly nice wine at the affordable end of the spectrum. Bordeaux is not dead.


Nope! It is just what it says on the tin. There is no requirement (other than fairness) to discuss only Society wines in this place. Many members buy from multiple sources, and try wines from producers not even available in the UK, so this is just for exchanging ideas and advice.

In time I might create a category for this topic rather than a single thread, but for now it is a great place to bring together quick notes on what we are drinking and enjoying :slight_smile:


Early in the day, as yet, for a wine of the today, but I have two wines of the from earlier this week.

First up (Wednesday), a prosecco … no, hear me out! … of great class, made by Nino Franco. It has depth, richness, freshness, citrus and marzipan aromas and flavours. A lovely drop, and actually worth the £18 price tag in my opinion.

Second (Friday), a bottle shared in the Mound Stand with two colleagues yesterday watching Jimmy Anderson get his 500th Test wicket - a perfectly mature right bank Claret, with plum and bramble fruitiness and just the perfect edge of ripe tannin and freshness for balance. I bought it en prineur, but it is currently on the List.
http://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=CB3871[quote=“szaki1974, post:9, topic:367”]
Bordeaux is not dead.


Smells like white burgundy - struck match’, tastes like sherry. Not something I’ve ever smelt on sherry before. £10 for 50cl, M&S.


I was also having a sherry night with Equipo Navazos I Think Manzanilla, while snacking on almods. The other great thing is that it was a half bottle that is my preference for a sherry… Can only recommend.


Had this for a vegetarian Sunday lunch with walnut balls with a creamy cheese sauce and roast root veg. Lovely wine with a nice creamy finish and a super Chardonnay alternative.


I’m very jealous. Firstly, being there to see ('Oh, Jimmy) Jimmy’s 500th must have been fantastic. Secondly, I had a ticket for Sunday :sob: My friends and I had all decided to take a nice bottle with us. I don’t know what the others chose, but my brother opted for the Ciabot Berton Barolo, and I intended to take the 2007 Chateau D’Aiguilhe. Oh well, saving that for another day. Instead I’m enjoying this:

Sad to see it’s out of stock, as I would have bought it again. Noticeable oak, but still some red berry fruit to go with the notes of leather and ripe tannins. Very enjoyable with roast shoulder of lamb.
Am I the only one that thinks 2012 is an underrated vintage for Bordeaux?


I have just had this, I also almost forgot it was from TWS…

No occasion, but was Coravinned and I still don’t trust the thing enough. I honestly have no words to describe, it just blew my mind. First try it was still really tight and slow to open, but now it is just singing a thousand songs… not sure if the Coravin accelerated the development or not, but frankly I do not care. One of those epiphany moments.


I’ve got a bottle. Must open it soon.


In the spirit of not always writing about Wine Society wines, I felt compelled to write about my ‘Wine of the Holiday’ (rather than Wine of the Day - I’m a bit late to this topic!) because it was one of those lovely wine-fan experiences.

My holiday was in Norfolk, and while there I attended the North Norfolk Food Festival. There, I found the Winbirri Vineyards stand (a local Norfolk winery) which was bizarre because literally the day before I went on holiday I had discovered that a Winbirri wine had won big at the Decanter Wine Awards this year - their Bacchus 2015 won best single varietal white wine, beating HUGE competition from all over the world!

Of course, I bought a bottle (or two). And it’s delightful! :heart_eyes:Citrus-packed, fresh, fragrant and a lovely example of the bacchus grape. I was so chuffed to have tried it. £13 a bottle is a fair price, too. I think it’s only available direct from the vineyard now, but if you’re ever in the area I’d recommend a visit. :slight_smile:


Not really a wine but grabbed a bottle of the Society’s 16 year old blended Whisky, my wife and father in law drink Whisky but always go with single malt (such as the exhibition 12 year old single), I don’t drink a huge amount of Whisky but thought I would try some of the blended 16 year old Whisky we sell to see what its like.

I really enjoyed the Whisky, its smooth, complex and smoky, anyone else tried this at all? Really good value for money considering its £25 for a whole litre!


Having Stephan Ehlen Erdener Treppchen Riesling Auslese trocken from the 1993 vintage. Bought at another merchant as part of a co-shipping offer for £16 per bottle on the table. Vibrant acidity, fantastic value old riesling, still going strong. Cheaper than storage for the same period…