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Wine note books

I need the help of the Community’s members in the search for a replacement wine notes book like the one shown below. Several years ago I purchased two of these wonderful little book (blank pages not lined) measuring about 6x4 inches from the magnificent all things wine shop Athenaeum in the centre of Beaune. They are both now full of my inane wine scribble. Try as I might, I have been unable to trace replacements, home or abroad. Anyone help or better still anyone got an empty one they don’t use. I’ll buy it!

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I have two unused ‘Wine Journals’ in a bag destined for Oxfam’s second-hand book shop.
But they are lined and have some headings.

I wouldn’t think you’d have a problem about getting a book with blank pages, but they wouldn’t have a vinous cover. But all you have to do is paste some wine labels on the cover and way hay! - a personalised wine journal.

Or how about

or any of the others found by searching Amazon for wine journal blank page book

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Thank you Peter but it has become a bit of an obsession to get more of the same. My dear wife chastised me for buying two all those years ago, I should have bought five!! The search continues, not helped by the travel restrictions this last summer.

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well, what about the bar code on the back cover? Are there publisher details on/in the book?

(I didn’t realise when you said replacements you meant more of the exact same.)

I tried doing a reverse google image search, but it just kept picking up the wine labels and searching for Clos de Tart rather than anything helpful.

I can see why you’d like more. It’s a lovely book.

Have you contacted the shop? They have some types (different from your picture) of notebook, but I couldn’t search properly because I didn’t know what they call yours.

Wonderful variety of products: just the way to waste a Sunday afternoon.


Many thanks for the above suggestions/answers. I have emailed the shop in Beaune and got a similar response, showing the spiral bound ones. I’ll keep looking but in the meantime if anyone stumbles on them please let me know.

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