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Wine & Mutton Matching


Good morning!

Our local butcher is now stocking mutton - mutton roasts, mutton steaks, mutton shanks etc.

I’m now searching for suitable wines to drink with mutton but all I am able to find relate to lamb and in my opinion they are quite different.

My natural inclination would be to choose a wine such as Gigondas but would welcome your views.

Many thanks.

With best wishes.

Gareth Morgam


Depends on the mutton really. What breed, how old (technically anything over 2 years is mutton, but this could span quite a range), how it has lived and how it was butchered. Obviously depends on cut and how you cook them too. Sorry to add to the conundrum.

Really nice mutton is very similar to lamb, with a bit more depth of flavour. Really old mutton has got that proper lamb stink and could stand up to something a bit more powerful to drink.

Gigondas sounds great to start with and see how you go from there.


Many thanks for this. The mutton looks good and does not smell - I’ believe it is just over 2 years old. I will certainly start with Gigondas.


Quite a big difference between 2 year old ‘mutton’ which is just about the same as hogget (a lamb between 1 and 2 years old), and 5 year old, which is a stronger meat altogether, often used in curries etc. I made a tagine with it last year and it was great.

Southern Rhone in general should be good, I would also look at some of the Languedoc Roussillon reds, as well as something like Chateau Musar, maybe the Moroccan Syrah on the WS list or S African reds.


Many thanks Mark.