Wine Merchant Search Engine

Not so long ago I discovered Google Custom Search I created a search engine that just looks at the websites of the wine merchants and other outlets that I buy from. [Including The Wine Society of course.]

I don’t think it’s private and can be found here

I would love to make it look a bit more professional, not for commercial reasons, simply because it’s ugly. Anyone in the Community have expertise with Custom Search who could help?

Let me know and I’ll think of some specific improvements I’d like to make.

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Is restricting the merchants to only those you have done business with the only point of difference from

Good point.

Well you have to pay £70/year for the full version of Wine Searcher which puts me off.

And I guess I have suppliers I like and trust so not bothered about missing out on Wine Searcher’s range.

Also my search is better for more open-ended inquiries. I might be looking for, say, Volnay Santenots and Wine Searcher delivers a list that requires further clicking. The Google Custom search will deliver specific hits so you are straight to the target. I think Wine Searcher works pretty well if you know producer and vintage, Google better if you are a bit more broad-minded.

I use Wine Searcher, especially to get an idea what a good price for an unfamiliar wine might be.

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