Wine Meditation

Found this article really interesting, I appreciate it’s great to share a good bottle but I also enjoy drinking alone and taking the time to absorb the wine.

Tonight I will be meditating with bottle of Muga Prada Enea Rioja all by myself :smile:


When I’m alone, sometimes I like to have a wine as a kind of companion for an evening or more, to see how it develops, to see how I adjust to it as well - almost like when you’re with other people. As is often the case with spending an evening with a good friend, you don’t want too many distractions, you want it to be personal. Strong food and smells are the obvious distractions but I also find loud noise or bright light distracting (isn’t this why food on planes tastes bland?) Whilst i do very much enjoy sharing and enjoying wines with friends who share a passion and interest in wines, this can sometimes distract from paying attention and focusing on the wine itself, and being able to experience it over hours or days. After all, it perhaps follows that if there are a lot of people and a lot of wines it’s more difficult to give each the time and attention they deserve - which might be a good thing if one of the wines (or people) are boring you - you can move onto another! But it’s perhaps about time and place- the wine is at its best when it’s opened on the right occasion.