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Wine match.... gammon and eggs

Probably with a slice of pineapple!

Any suggestions for a wine match?



A Gewurtz… It loves ham, it can handle eggs, it loves pineapple. Maybe a not-too-blowsey example.

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Lose the pineapple… then Riesling Spatlese

Sounds a lot like our Easter fare, I will be having sparkling apple juice




Strangely enough, I have a lovely memory of eating bacon & eggs with some chilled Liatiko in Greece many years ago - a curiously good combo. Though being sat in the Spring sunshine by the ocean may have had something to do with that! And no, it wasn’t for breakfast :innocent:

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That was near the top of my list - not least as I have an back catalogue of Tim Adams that needs some attention.

Or an off dry Alsace PG.

(Or beer - then open a red afterwards… but there’s some other great suggestions filtering through).

This suggestion intrigues my taste buds! Possibly sufficiently to give it a whirl…

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Ah, brings back memories of my formative years. Not all fond.

(Whilst fully accepting there is a world of cidre out there that one should not discount. Just not for me. Tonight.).


Whilst my rack has a reasonably wide range of options, i seem, regrettably, to be all out of Liatiko… shameful.

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Another vote for Gewurztraminer, having really enjoyed a similar combo a couple of weeks ago. It counterbalances the saltiness of the ham beautifully.


Funnily enough, had last night with a glass of this( 2018 vintage), which worked nicely.


A regrettable situation indeed, Sir. Shameful :~}


I’d also agree with Gewurztraminer as a potentially fulfilling partner.

I’m going to add in as another potential companion one or other of an Etna Rosso or a light Xinomavro, perhaps both slightly chilled to cellar temperature. I can imagine the saltiness of gammon and the creaminess of eggs might work nicely with one of those two. Sounds slightly strange maybe, but stranger combinations have worked before!

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I used to buy a lot of that Tim Adams Semillon from Tesco I think it was on 25% off 6. Really rather good for the price [about £7 or so from memory with the 25% off]. They [or whoever it was; may have been Sainsburys] don’t do it any more though. Where do you get yours from these days?

Decent Lambrusco or Sparkling Shiraz.


Riesling Kabinett for me.


That’s the one! My records indicate I picked up a case of the 2015 in 2018. They’ve stopped stocking it in my local store too, just happened to see it in passing (with the 25% off - billy bargain).

Ha - I don’t have access to one of these right now, but given the eminent source of the suddestion I shall certainly log it for future reference. :grinning: