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Wine match for moroccan


Hi all

Please can anybody recommend a good red and white for moroccan. It’s a byob restaurant so i have carte blanche. I’m thinking rich chicken/lamb dishes, dried fruits, spices, tagine etc



Rioja all the way.


Ooooo ok…any reason in particular?


I just think it works perfectly. Red that is, and the more traditional styles. The spicy red fruit and leather works great imo, I’d always choose a rioja alta reserva if I had one. Or if not, a savoury syrah is my second choice. But I find riojas a little sweeter with the oak so they work with the fruit. Probably can’t be too old.


Awesome! I’m thinking high acidity more fruit and full creamy whites…possibly a white rioja or sonething crisp and italian


If walking into stevenage now, then for me:

First choice

Second choice

I probably wouldn’t bother with a white but I guess it depends if having tagine or couscous. I reckon the corsican rose the society does might be a good fit for a couscous. Needs a little weight behind it.


Awesome i do have some exhibition crz-h to drink. White is an order by the other half! Thanks @tom!


Would agree with Rioja an d the following (assuming red meat with preserved lemon or fruit) https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=LE891


For white I’d look to the Rhone. For the food I’m thinking chicken tagine with preserved lemons, maybe black olives. I don’t think you want anything too crisp. Something perhaps like this:


This is really good on the Bin End price point:


For red I would go for Carménère, as it’s got a lovely spicy edge to it which I find matches Moroccan food beautifully. For white I would go with a New World Viognier- its lovely perfume works well with the dried fruit and sweet side of the cuisine. I also often match Moroccan with Alsatian Pinot Gris, for similar reasons.


Just a thought- the Moroccans grow a lot of Carignan- so perhaps worth seeking a Carignan either as a varietal or as part of a blend…? ‘What grows together goes together’ sort of approach…? :smiley:


Oh my so many good ideas…looks like I’m sourcing a top grade viognier/rhone white blend and rioja for this weekend. I did have a lirac and and ch9dp.

We’re already at 2 bottles between 2, i think that’ll be plenty haha.

Thanks guys, great suggestions!!


I am LIVING for this abbreviation! :clap::clap::clap: Let us know how it goes.


I personally find that the subtle aromatics of Morrocan food demand wines of equal grace and balance with a touch of spice and exotic flavours.

If I had to choose a white it would be a mineral and complex wine like a Greek assyrtiko or a Sicilian white from Etna:

For the red I would choose something light that won’t overpower the subtle mix of spices, for example a Beaujolais from Morgon or a Langhe Nebbiolo:


Thanks @Juan you’ve made my choice even harder with your suggestions…though your palate seems more inline with mine, especially with the whites!


Perhaps counter intuitive, but my 1st choice would be a well chilled decent Provence rose… or an Alsace gewurtz. Tagine has plenty of fruit & aromatics to be taken into account. Personally I find reds somehow don’t work that well with N African cuisine & preserved lemon - but that’s just me.

Let us know how you got on?


Should probably mention that with my Rioja suggestion I’m thinking of lamb tagine, not chicken (no lemon, the prunes are the match here).


I do like this curveball…but i think a gewurz would be better kept for a much more fragrant curry, like a lime, coriander and coconut green thai as the low acid wine would match with that. I feel any rich dish like that cries and weeps for acidity with the aromatics

@tom good point…i’m more than likely going with that, though I won’t be able to get a WS bottle in time but the local merchants should be good as a one-off!


Chateau Musar’s funky flavours, perhaps, for the red.