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Wine match challenge - haddock with tapenade


Although we’re not actually hosting at all this Christmas, we have managed to get ourselves booked in for 3 big family celebration meals across the 3 days from Christmas Eve. Christmas Day and Boxing Day are going to be roast turkey and pork respectively, but Christmas Eve is apparently going to be haddock with olive tapenade and tomatoes. I’ve been trying to think of a wine that would be a good match, but I’m really not sure. Maybe white Rhone? White Rioja? Any suggestions?


White Rhone would probably be my initial thought as well.

As an alternative, the use of a wine/dish matching app and a quick search on TWS came up with this as a possibility

Maybe somebody on the community has tasted this and can comment??


Interesting - that’s definitely going on the wish list. Did you read Jancis’ review?

“Stony, dry (rather than sweet) with a real undertow of structure. Hint of ginger. Cool. Very unlike anything else.”

That’s piqued my interest!


Yes - some encouraging reviews of previous vintages also.

Equally intrigued! - on my wishlist as well.


I haven’t tried the Portuguese one above but agree it sounds like a good match. It’s gone on my wish list too!

I guess it also partly depends how crowd-pleasing you need to be- I’d probably reach for a rose, but I know that’s controversial on these boards, and in winter etc.

For whites i agree with white Rhône or Rhône blend, possibly

Or slightly more unusual

I’m afraid I’ve not tried either so can’t say for sure but I think they’d match well. Or you could double down on the salty olive and go for a picpoul?

Certainly an interesting one- I look forward to seeing what others suggest and what you go for!


It just so happens that I put a bottle of this in my last order! I’ve got a couple of bottles of this in at the moment too - white Rhone with some Picpoul in the blend. Could be just the ticket.


Sounds good to me!


How about champagne?


What about this one:

I think Grenache Gris should be more widely planted


That’s probably a very good shout. Last time we were at my aunt’s at Christmas (she’s cooking the haddock) she dug out a couple of bottles of ‘99 Dom Perignon, which went down very nicely indeed. Fingers crossed they unearth something similar this year!

I never think of champagne as an option with a meal for some reason. I guess it’s always been an aperitif for me. Would probably work very well with this!


There’s a pretty good chance I’ve never had Grenache Gris. Is there a grape you’d compare it to? I’ll add this one to the wish list as well!


Champagne is my get-out-of-jail-free card when matching food. I think it goes with so many things.

In this case the fish and olives definitely work.


Fino or manzanilla.


It is a bit like a lighter style Viognier if that makes sense.



I think something dry and flinty would complement the richness of the dish. I recommend Kumeu River Chardonnay, though I notice the one I had I mind isn’t available at the moment