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Wine made with Godello grape


I had an email yesterday (not from TWS) with an offer for Rafael Palacios, As Sortes which sounds lovely from the accompanying tasting notes. There is some info on this on TWS here…

It’s made from the Godello grape which I confess I have never tasted.

I see there are a couple of examples of Godello on TWS list.

Has anyone had any Godello wine and what were your thoughts?


The As Sortes is, in my opinion, one of the best expressions of Godello out there. Godello is a great varietal - the ‘second’ famous grape of Galicia, and to my mind has more potential for aging than Albarino- though I am no expert.

In my experience it is a bit weightier texture wise, a bit ‘waxy’ even- though still fresh with often ripe fruit. It’s a grape worth getting to know, for sure!

Here’s a good summary from Jancis:


Another one I tried and loved was Telmo Rodriguez’s Gaba do Xil Godello. I’m sure @suiko or @Juan can suggest some other good producers. :+1:


It’s been years since I’ve had one but the Mara Martin Godello (yellow and gold striped label) is a really good example at a good price.

It’s a great grape that makes some fantastic wine IMHO.


Not tasted As Sortes but very much “best in class” (and price). Valdesil is vg as is Louro although I didn’t enjoy the last vintage stocked by TWS which I though was a bot flabby. They can be a bit too sweet, think “tinned peaches” when overripe, rather than fresh tropical fruits. I think I read that from 2017 Rafa has eliminated the Bolo range which was the entry level and that is now assimilated into Louro, which is now the entry level and sees some oak rather than all stainless steel.


I had the 2014 As Sortes about two years ago. It was a stunning wine, very well balanced. From what I read particularly the 2016 is supposed to be even better.
May I ask where the offer was from? I can’t find any with my usual suspects TWS, BBR and L&W.


I’ve only tried one vintage of As Sortes ( 2011 ) and thought it was superb. One of those wines that makes you involuntarily exclaim ‘woah’ when you first try it !

It reminded me of 1er cru white Burgundy but at a fraction of the price ( I bought mine from TWS at £26 ). Drinking windows can be very conservative, I pulled mine from reserves at the beginning of the year, the proposed drinking window ended in 2016, and it’s drinking beautifully now and will for a few years yet.


As Sortes is a very serious wine. Definitely comparable to Burgundy at twice the price.

As usual in this country we are usually confined to the bargain basement - no one imports the good stuff, apart from the big names like Palacios. You aren’t going to find a quality godello under 15 quid.

Avanthia is excellent, as is Raul Perez (yeah, him again) Dona Claudina (which is part Dona Blanca). A bit further down the quality spectrum, Valdesil are good, as is Palacios" Louro. There is good stuff from Ribeira Sacra too - Algueira, for example.

I agree about the warm years (though less so in Ribeira Sacra than Valdeorras - and especially Bierzo). In fact I don’t rate Bierzo godello as highly in general.

I don’t think ageing is necessarily the point. This is a very English obsession :slight_smile:


Thank you all. Based on these replies I’ve put in a request for 6 bottles.



Also another recommendation for the As sortes. Not cheap but good value in my opinion, as others have said shows up well against much pricier white burg. Definitely benefits from a bit of time in bottle too.


Who is the supplier?


TWS used to sell the lovely Gaba do Xil, but not in the last few years for some reason. I hope it comes back some time.


There is, of course, also Gouveio in the Douro, which is often a key component of Douro whites.


Sorry for late reply but been at Lords all day watching the cricket!

BI Wines




This is a quaffable - if not overly complex - Godello we drank last night in Madrid. It went very nicely with some mild fish curry:


Peaches and zesty citrus on both the nose and the palate, with a fine creamy texture, and a herbal note on the finish. It really is a lovely varietal!


Ordered a bottle of this after not having Godello for ages thanks to this thread:

Very enjoyable, good wine for the price, after getting some air it really mellowed out and had a delicious honey taste to it.

This has caught my eye too:


Oh dear, yet more temptation, I hadn’t seen these, I may have to amend my last order, or more likely, add to it.

Thanks for the heads up though !


The Valdesil is a lovely wine, and a little more interesting texture-wise due to the lees. It’s a favourite in our house! :+1: